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Welcome to I have made this website to help HostGator customers and to promote the HostGator hosting service. I am happy that you have found this site. I assure that you will find the content of this site very useful and informative.

What is HostGator?

HostGator is a hosting provider company. If you don't know what is hosting then continue reading. When you want to make a site, you need space on the internet. The space is provided by hosting company. The web space providing company is also called a web host. HostGator is also a hosting provider.


HostGator offers different hosting services from shared hosting to dedicated hosting and from VPS hosting to Reseller hosting. HostGator is now also offering optimized wordpress hosting. You don't need to understand the difference between these hosting types right now. Whenever you need a website, start with shared hosting plan.

What Offers?

When I signed up with the HostGator, there were no easy to understand tutorials for managing HostGator account. So I decided to make a website on HostGator tutorials.

I have included almost all the information needed to manage HostGator cPanel account. It really doesn't matter whether you are technical person or a non technical person, you will find the tutorials on this website useful.

To start with, I have included a tutorial on how to register a domain name and how to host the domain name on a new HostGator account. You will also learn how to enable SSH and manage SSH account.  You will also find information on how to create FTP users and use it to upload files to your server.

There are also many tutorials explaining how to install open source platforms on your hosting account.  There are even many more articles related to HostGator. Just go through the tutorials section and find it yourself.

On this website, you will also get the information of my journey with HostGator in the form of HostGator review. I have also included the HostGator coupons if anyone wants to sign up with the HostGator. You can get up to 40% of discount using the coupon codes.

Why the name is

When I first made this website, the site URL name was If you put this URL in to the browser, you will see that it is redirecting to the is a lengthy name. After keeping the site for few years, I felt that I need to move to a shorter URL. So I thought of changing the domain name.

I searched for the domain name where hg stands for HostGator and pqr is just a random string, the domain was available. So I registered the domain name That's why the domain name is

That's it. That was the history for Here are some of the links for articles on this website. Go through them.

Popular Articles

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