About Us

This web site is owned and managed by two brothers, Dhruv Patel & Jigar Patel. We are in the business of online marketing. Being in the online industry, we need to make and host our web sites. So we need a rock solid and robust hosting service provider.

We are mainly in the affiliate marketing industry. We are promoting a bunch of products. For each product, we have a different website. That's why we need a hosting service provider who offers unlimited domains hosting at reasonable rate. HostGator is one of those web hosting provider which we use on regular basis.

We have tasted many web hosts and found that HostGator offers good hosting service at cheap rate. The uptime offered by HostGator is also high compared to other hosting provider.

Since we are in the affiliate marketing industry, we promote many products. That doesn't mean that we promote every other product which gives high commission. We are very picky about the product we promote.

We only promote those products which we have personally used. We have used HostGator hosting service and still using the HostGator. In fact, this web site is hosted on HostGator server.  We like the customer support and service offered by HostGator. That's why we promote HostGator.

All the articles in this web site are related to HostGator hosting service. If I have made any mistake in the making of the article, you can point it out to me and I will fix is ASAP.

Do We Offer Hosting Services?

If you think that we are offering hosting service then you are making mistake. There is company named "HostGator" which offers the hosting service. We just promote the hosting service product offered by HostGator. In short, we are affiliates of HostGator.

We don't have our own company which gives you hosting service. Also we don't have any data centers or our own servers. We are just a customer and an affiliate of HostGator.

Can I Help You?

Yes, I am here to help you. This help is limited.

On this website, you will find many articles which you can use to perform tasks on HostGator. If you want to perform a task for which there is no information on the site then you can always contact us and we will help you in that matter. We will guide you on how to perform your specific task. We might include a new tutorial on our website related to your task.

Let Me Be Clear

I would like to help you as much as I can but there are some tasks which can only be fixed by HostGator support staff. I can't help in that kind of tasks.

If your web server is down and you come to me saying that your site is down, then I can't help you. If your site is down due to some coding issue then I may help you in fixing the problem. So there is a line beyond which I can't help you. That being said, I will do my best to help you in any HostGator hosting related problem. Just contact me once and we will see what I can do for you.

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