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For any online business, backup is unavoidable task. If you are not taking the backup of you important files or data then you may come in to trouble any time. Always take a backup at regular interval whether it be a week or month. Not only business but even keeping the personal data safe, you should take a backup.

If your web site is hosted at any web hosting company then you must keep one backup copy of your web site data at your local computer also. Almost all web hosting companies takes a backup of their customers' data but there is no guarantee that you will be able to restore all the recent files. There are some web hosting companies who offer a backup facility for few dollars per month. If you use that service then you can become relax without worrying about the backup but still I would prefer to have backup copy at local storage. You can understand the true value of taking backup only if you have lost data.

Backup - Video Presentation

If you want to learn how to take backup of your HostGator hosted website then watch the following video. I have included all steps of taking backup.

Backup - Step by Step Guide

If you prefer to read the guide then you can continue reading. If you want to take a backup of data yourself then just follow these few steps and your data will backed up for your HostGator hosted web site.

1) First step is to login to cPanel using your login ID and password.

2) When you are logged in, scroll down and go to Files section.  Here click on Backups button.

HostGator Backup

3) Next step is to decide which type of backup do you want to take. You have an option to take full backup and partial backup.You should select a full backup when you want to move your data to another web host or another server. You can not restore full backup. That's why I would suggest you take a partial backup.

Full Backup

4) There are three options to take a partial backup. You can take a partial backup of Home directory. You can take a partial backup of MySQL database and you can also take a partial backup of email forwarders.

Generally a site data are saved under home directory and in MySQL database. So if you want to take a full backup then you should take a backup of home directory and MySQL database.

To take a home directory backup, click on Home Directory button. Save the backup file. To take MySQL database backup, click on database name which you want to take a backup. Save the file. Now make a two or three copies of the backup file and save them at different locations.

HostGator Data Restore

Just like backup, restoration of data is also simple. To restore the data follow these steps.

1) Login to cPanel.

2) Go to backup section.

3) Upload the files in to appropriate section. Now your files will be restored.

That's it. Now go, take the backup of your website data.

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