HostGator Concrete5

Concrete5 exists as an open source CMS meant for managing web content. It's often very useful in carrying out context editing. It remains one of the best content management system programs that have unique features.         



The Pros

What You can achieve with concrete5

There's a lot you can achieve with concrete5. In the first place, you can use it to build online magazines. You can also use it to build online newspapers. You can o build an e-commerce website with concrete5. It's also possible to use the software to build intranets and extranets.

Again, you can use concrete5 to build government and corporate websites. You can also use it to build small business websites. Non-profit organizations can use the software to create websites. You can build websites for churches, clubs, families and business while using concrete5.  You can as well use it to build websites for schools, colleges, and universities.

Furthermore, concrete5 can be used for building online communities and forums. There's no limit to what you do with the software. Aside from using it to build websites, you can still manage the sites with the software. You can generate quality web contents with it. You can also manage the content as you desire.

In conclusion, concrete5 has a lot to offer to all. You can easily use it to start a SEO campaign online. All you need is to use the software to build your website. You can grab further details about it by visiting its official website.

Install Concrete5 on HostGator Account

You might not be aware of this but hostgator provides quick install feature by which you can install many open source softwares.  Hostgator allows installation of concrete5 through quick install feature. Just follow the following steps to install concrete5 on your hostgator account.

1)  Login to your cpanel. Click on hostgator quick install button which you can find under Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install

2) Select the concrete5 from the left navigation toolbar. Concrete5 is under CMS software section.

HostGator Concrete5

3) Click on Install Concrete5 button.

HostGator Concrete5 Continue

4) Now you will be asked where to install concrete5.  Just select the domain and give the directory name where you want to install concrete5.  You also need to give your admin email address and site title. Just fill in all the information asked and click on ‘Install Concrete5' button.

HostGator Concrete5 Install

5) You will be shown the process of installation.

HostGator Concrete5 Installation Process

6) Once the installation is complete, you will be given the admin password. Please take a note of this password and keep it safe. Although hostgator sends password details through email, sometimes the email may not reach to your inbox or may end up in spam box. So it's better to keep a note of password.

HostGator Concrete5 Password

Now you have successfully installed concrete5 software in your hostgator account.

Uninstall Concrete5 from HostGator

Once the concrete5 is installed, I don't think that you will need to uninstall it. But in case if you need to uninstall the software, you can easily do that.

Click on “My Installs” button on top. Click on the Uninstall link, then click on Uninstall Script button and the concrete5 will be uninstalled.

HostGator Concrete5 Uninstall

Now try this yourself and enjoy the modern CMS system - Concrete5.

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