HostGator Contact Information

You can easily update the contact email address and contact preferences in your HostGator account. You can make the changes in the contact email address using HostGator cPanel. If you want to change contact information and preferences then you need to follow these steps.

1) First login to the HostGator cPanel account using your login ID and password.

2) Go to Preferences section. You will see an Update Contact Info button. Click on the Update Contact Info button.

Update Contact Info

3) Here on this page, enter the new email address. You can also give an alternative email address. Make sure to select the email preferences. Set the preferences for when you want HostGator to email you. HostGator has an option to email you when either disk quota or bandwidth quota is about to reach or quote for one of your email address is reached.

Update Contact Preferences

4) When all information is given and preferences are set, click on Save button. Now your email address information is saved.

Remember, you can not use this method to make changes in the billing infomration. If you wish to change the billing information then you need to follow these steps.

Update Billing Contact Information

To update the billing information, you need to login to the billing portal. First go to then login using your billing login details. Remember your billing login details are different than the cPanel login details.

Billing Login

Once you are logged in to the billing panel, click on the Edit Contact Information link from the left side nevigation panel.

Edit Contact Info

On this page, you need to edit the contact information for your billing details. Now click on Update Information button.

Update Contact Info

Now your contact information is updated.

Change Primary Email Address

If you want to edit your primary email address associated with your HostGator account then you can do that from the same page. There is a link which says that you can change your email address by going to this page. Click on “this page” link.

Primary Email

Here enter your new email address then click on Change Email button.

Change Primary Email

You should get a verification email from HostGator on your new email address. Just click on the link provided in the email for the authorization. Now your new email address is set as your primary email address.

Primary Email Verification

Now you have fully understood how to make changes in your contact information in your HostGator account. Generally you don't need to make changes in email address but you might need to change the billing address. I hope this article will help you in chaning the contact information.

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