HostGator Coupon Codes

If you want to save money when you sign up with HostGator then you have come to the right place. On this page, you will get the working promo codes which you can use to save the money. You can get discount on shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and reseller hosting using these coupon codes.

30% off Shared Hosting

Saving: 30% off Valid With: All hosting plans

Description: Use the promo hgcarjd30off. You can save 30% on all hosting plans at HostGator. This code works with hatchling plan, business plan and baby plan as well. This code works even for the wordpress hosting.


60% off on Virtual Private Server Hosting Plans

Saving: 60% off Valid With: HostGator VPS Plans

Description: HostGator currently offers a special discount for VPS hosting plan. Use the promotional code SNAPPYV at the time of sign up to get 60% off. This code works only with first invoice payment. You won't get any discount at the time of the renewal.


Try Baby Plan Hosting at 1 Cent

Saving: $11.94 off Valid With: HostGator Shared Hosting, Baby Plan

Description: If you are not sure whether you should subscribe for HostGator or not then I suggest you to try baby plan hosting. Use the code HostingAt1Cent when you subscribe to the baby plan. You can save $11.94 using the code. One month of baby plan hosting costs $11.95. So when you use the code, you will have to pay only 1 cent for the first month. From the next month onwards, you will have to pay full amount and you won't get any discount.


56% off Dedicated Hosting

Saving: 56% off Valid With: HostGator Dedicated Hosting Plans only

Description: There is also a special discount from HostGator on dedicated hosting plans. You can get minimum discount of 56% on any dedicated hosting plans. You need to use the promo code SNAPPYD for getting discount. This code works only on the first invoice. So subscribing for longer term offers you more discount.


Shared Hosting Promo Code

Saving: $11.94 (1 Cent For the First Month) Valid With: HostGator Baby, Business And Hatchling Plan

Description: There is one more code to try HostGator hosting at 1 cent. Use the coupon Just1CentHosting to get $11.94 off. This code works with all plans but it's better to use it for Baby or Hatchling plans. If you want to sign up with any other hosting plan then you can use 30% off promo code.


25% off HostGator Coupon

Saving: 25% off Valid With: All Hosting Plans including Business Plan

Description: On this page, you will find only working coupons. If 30% off promo code is not working then you can always use 25% off coupon. To get 25% discount, please use the coupon 25PERCENTALL. This code never expires.


25% Discount on Business Plan

Saving: 25% off Valid With: HostGator Business Plan

Description: You can use this code to get 25% discount. Promotional code HGB25DISCOUNT gives you 25% discount on HostGator business plan.


Hatchling Plan - 1 Cent Per Month

Saving: $11.94 off Valid With: HostGator Hatchling Plan

Description: You can get $11.94 discount using HGH1CENTHOSTING coupon code. This code works with the hatchling plan. This promo gives you a chance to try the HostGator service for 1 cent.


Reseller Hosting Coupon

Saving: 25% off Valid With: HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans only

Description: Get 25% discount on reseller hosting using the coupon code 25PERCENTMAX. Please note that this code only works with the first invoice. You won't get any discount at the time of renewal.


How To Use HostGator Coupon?

If you want to use the coupon code at the time of sign up with HostGator then it is really easy. First find out the plan which you want to subscribe for. Then start the signup process. Use the code hgcarjd30off to get 30% discount as shown in the image below.

HostGator Coupon hgcarjd30off

Alternatively, you can watch the following video to understand where to enter the HostGator promo code.

HostGator Hosting Services

HostGator is a well-known name in the hosting industry.If you are thinking of making a website for your business then you will need a good hosting provider to host your site. You cannot make a website without using a hosting service. HostGator offers different types of hosting plans.

I am a customer of HostGator from the last 6 years. I haven't face any problem during the service period of 6 years. On this page, you will find information about different services of the HostGator. You will be able to easily select your hosting plan after reading this article.

Shared Hosting Package

The most basic type of hosting is shared hosting. If you have started the search of the hosting then you may be aware of shared hosting plan. Most of the hosting providers provide the shared hosting service. In shared hosting, resources are shared among customers. This type of hosting is called shared hosting due to that reason.

If you are going to host your first website then I would recommend you to choose shared hosting plan. Since resources are shared, shared hosting is cheaper than any other type of hosting. There are three types of shared hosting plans offered by HostGator.

1) Hatchling Plan

2) Baby Hosting Plan

3) Business Hosting Plan

HostGator Hatchling Hosting Plan

Hatchling Plan Offers

In hatchling plan, HostGator offers only single domain hosting. In this plan, you also get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and shared SSL certificate.

The cost of 3 years of hatchling hosting plan is $200.16. So ultimately it costs $5.56 per month if you pay for 3 years subscription. If you choose to pay monthly then HostGator hatchling plan will cost you $8.76 per month. I don't suggest anyone to subscribe for this plan because if you pay extra 80 cents per month then you will have baby plan with unlimited domains hosting.

HostGator Baby Plan

Baby Plan Offers

In baby plan, HostGator offers unlimited domains hosting. Along with that, you get unmetered bandwidth, one click installs and shared SSL certificate. As I suggested, you should always select baby plan over hatchling plan.

Baby plan costs $7.96 per month if you select the three years billing cycle. If you subscribe for monthly baby plan then you will have to pay $9.56 per month.

HostGator Business Package

Business Plan Offers

Business plan is the costliest plan among all shared hosting plans. In business plan, HostGator offers unlimited domains hosting, one click installs, unmetered bandwidth, unique IP address and a free private SSL certificate and a toll free number for the support.

Business plan costs $11.96 per month if you choose 3 years billing cycle. For the first invoice, you will have to pay $430.56. If you decide to choose the monthly billing cycle then you will have to pay $13.56 per month. Please check the above image for more pricing details. Any small scale IT industry should select a business plan.

HostGator VPS Hosting Package

Full form of VPS is Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is better hosting than shared hosting. In VPS hosting, server resources are also shared among many customers. The only difference is that here the number of clients are less compare to shared hosting. Each client in VPS has fixed assigned resources. The client is not allowed to use more than assigned resources.

VPS Hosting Plans

In VPS hosting, the client gets more control of the server than shared hosting. Since server resources are isolated for each client, you are given more control as a VPS customer. If your shared hosting plan is unable to handle the web traffic then you should go for VPS hosting. HostGator is running a special offer of 56% discount on VPS hosting. Here are the plan details for VPS hosting.

1) Snappy 500

In this plan, you get 0.5 Core CPU, 512 MB RAM, 25 GB Hard disk, 500 GB Bandwidth and 2 IP addresses. This plan costs $19.95 per month. You get only Virtuozzo (VZ) control panel.

2) Snappy 1000

In this plan, you get 1 Core CPU, 1 GB RAM, 60 GB Disk space, 1 TB Bandwidth and 2 IP addresses. This plan costs, $49.95 per month.  You get cPanel control panel with this type of hosting.

3) Snappy 2000

In this plan, you get 2 Cores CPU, 2 GB RAM, 120 GB Disk space, 1.5 TB Bandwidth and 2 IP addresses. This plan costs, $89.95 per month.  You get cPanel control panel with this type of hosting.

4) Snappy 4000

In this plan, you get 2 Cores CPU, 4 GB RAM, 165 GB Disk space, 2 TB Bandwidth and 2 IP addresses. This plan costs, $129.95 per month.  You get cPanel control panel with this type of hosting.

5) Snappy 8000

In this plan, you get 4 Cores CPU, 8 GB RAM, 240 GB Disk space, 3 TB Bandwidth and 2 IP addresses. This plan costs, $49.95 per month.  You get cPanel control panel with this type of hosting.

HostGator Dedicated Hosting

You will be given your own dedicated server in dedicated hosting plan. Only you have the access to full server. No other customer share the same server with you.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

HostGator offers 4 different types of dedicated hosting plans. HostGator offers all dedicated plans in Linux & Windows servers.

1) Basic Dedicated Server

This server consists of Intel Xeon Dual Core 2.3Ghz(4 threads) Processor, 100 Mbps uplink, 4GB RAM, 500 GB RAID-1 Drives, 10TB of Bandwidths and 2 dedicated IP addresses. This server costs $175 per month.

2) Standard Dedicated Server

This server consists of Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.5Ghz(8 threads) Processor, 250 Mbps uplink, 4GB RAM, 1000 GB RAID-1 Drives, 15TB of Bandwidths and 3 dedicated IP addresses. This server costs $219 per month.

3) Elite Dedicated Server

This server consists of Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.5Ghz(8 threads) Processor, 500 Mbps uplink, 8GB RAM, 1000 GB RAID-1 Drives, 20TB of Bandwidths and 4 dedicated IP addresses. This server costs $279 per month.

4) Pro Dedicated Server

This server consists of Intel Xeon Quad Core 3.3Ghz(8 threads) Processor, 1 Gbps uplink, 16GB RAM, 1000 GB RAID-1 Drives, 25TB of Bandwidths and 5 dedicated IP addresses. This server costs $374 per month.

Dedicated hosting is not needed for the beginners. Dedicated hosting is needed only when you have high volume traffic website.

HostGator Reseller Plan

Reseller hosting plans are also offered by HostGator. Data server is not needed if you want to start your own hosting company. You just need to buy a reseller hosting plan from HostGator and you can sell the hosting plans to others under your brand.

You can offer the hosting plans as you like, sell the hosting account and make money.

Reseller Hosting Offers

HostGator reseller hosting plan start from as low as $24.95 per month. Reseller hosting cost up to $99.95 per month. Each reseller hosting plan includes unlimited domains hosting. Just the disk space and bandwidth varies by plan.

Reseller hosting is a good place to start when you want to offer the hosing service. You can easily start your own company using reseller hosting account.

HostGator as a Domain Registrar

You can also register a domain through HostGator. Domain names registered through HostGator are registered by LaunchPad or eNom.

Register a Domain Through HostGator

If you register a domain through HostGator then it will cost you $12.95 per year. $12.95 is bit costly compare to other domain name registrar. You also don't get free whois privacy. Whois privacy costs extra dollars in HostGator. That's why I don't recommend HostGator to register a domain name. You can use HostGator only for hosting service.

I have provided almost all information related to HostGator. Use any of the discount code from this page and sign up with your required hosting plan.

Things To Note While Creating A Hosting Account

So you want to subscribe for the web hosting company and you might be wondering what things to note when creating a web hosting account. Also you might want to know what to look for before selecting the right web hosting company.

Here are the common things which you should look when you select the hosting provider.

1) Provides Shared Hosting Service

When you are starting out, you will only need the shared hosting account. So make sure that the hosting provider offers shared hosting. You don't need to go for VPS hosting or dedicated hosting when you are just about to launch your first website.

There are many web hosting providers which don't offer shared hosting service. You should avoid those type of hosting providers.

2) Offers Free Domain Registration

Not all of the hosting providers offer free domain registration at the time of creating hosting account. There are very few web hosting companies who offer free domain registration. Free domain registration is a plus point. Please note that some hosting companies offer free domain registration at the first year then they will charge high on hosting account from the next year. You should avoid those types of web hosting providers.

3) Offers Unlimited Resources

Now it has become a standard for every web hosting company to offer unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.  Also many web hosting providers also offers unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited usernames and unlimited email addresses. When you are searching for the hosting company, make sure that you are getting unlimited resources.

4) Offers High Performance Servers with SSDs

Google is currently taking the page speed in consideration for the ranking of your website. If your website is slow then your Google ranking will suffer. Now you don't want to keep your site slower. So just look for the hosting provider which offers hosting on SSD (Solid State Drive) servers.

SSD servers improve the performance of a site by 200%. SSD has also become a standard in hosting industry. So you should always select the hosting company which offers hosting account on SSD servers.

5) Provides 99.9% And Above Uptime

Uptime is very much important factor. If your hosting providers offer everything but it doesn't offer good uptime then it's of no use. It is really hard to get people on your website and when they come to your site and your site is not running then you will lose your business. So when selecting the web hosting provider, make sure that the provider offers high uptime. Many web hosting providers offer uptime guarantee. You can check the real uptime from the reviews on the Internet.

I think the above topics are enough for selecting the web hosting company.

Sign up Procedure

When you are creating an account, you should always read each and every line of the sign up procedure. Many hosting companies offer extra features at the time of signing up. You don't need to select those features. So make sure to deselect any extra feature or add on services.

These extra features cost extra money and in most of the cases you will not need those type of extra services. If you are unsure whether you will need that service or not then please contact me and I will guide you.

Now you know what to look for when creating a hosting account.

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