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Crafty Syntax is an open source application that offers live support for website. It's designed to help your site to be very interactive to customers. It remains a veritable tool for the e-commerce industry.

Crafty Syntax


The Pros

Crafty Syntax is very useful in enhancing live interaction on a website. You can be sure of having live support for your website when you use it.  You can view the preview of what you type when using Crafty Syntax. You can also customize the output.

There's a lot you can personalize when using Crafty Syntax. You can customize the chat icons. You can also customize the canned messages. There's no limit to what you can customize when using the platform.

So far, Crafty Syntax has attracted thousands of installs from across the globe. The number is still on the increase. The future of the open source software looks bright.

Meanwhile, you can use Crafty Syntax Live Help to monitor chat sessions among visitors. You can also monitor the visitors' sessions as the same time. You can chat with single user at any time. You can also chat with multiple users at the same time. All you need is to use the tab system made available.

It's possible to invite website visitors to use Crafty Syntax. You can easily achieve this by hitting the right tab. You can invite visitors by using layers on the client side. They often pop-up as you use the software.

Crafty Syntax supports the use of diverse chat themes. You can open new chat windows with unique themes.  You can change the graphics of the window as you desire. You can add unique colors. You have perfect control over what you do on the platform.

It's also possible to add the user image to the chat window. This is usually very easy to accomplish. All you need is to follow the onscreen instructions.

Meanwhile, Crafty Syntax has its free and paid versions. There are backlinks and advert windows on the free version.  On the other hand, the paid version is simply clean and unique. You don't need to worry about backlinks and adverts when you go for it. They are completely removed.

Crafty Syntax is constantly being improved. The developers are working day and night to make the software usable and more proactive. There's a lot you can achieve when you use it. You can also enhance your website and take your business to greater heights when you keep using Crafty Syntax. You can grab further details about the software by visiting the official website. You can also learn more by contacting the software developers.

Install CraftySyntax on HostGator

Installation of CraftySyntax is very easy. Just like many other softwares, HostGator also offer the installation of CraftySyntax through Quick Install feature. Follow the following steps to install CraftySyntax on your hostgator account.

1) Login to your HostGator account. Go to Quick Install page by clicking on the Quick Install button which can be found under Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install button

2) Click on the CraftySyntax link from the left navigation bar. You will find CraftySyntax link under Chat section.

HostGator CraftySyntax

3) Click on the Install CraftySyntax button.

HostGator CraftySyntax Continue

4) Now you need to enter the URL address where you want to install CraftySyntax. You will also need to give the admin email address. Give all the information which are needed and click on Install CraftySyntax button.

HostGator CraftySyntax Install

5) You will see the process of installation.

HostGator CraftySyntax Process

6) Once the installation is complete, you will be given the username and password to login to your CraftySyntax management system.

HostGator CraftySyntax Password

Now CraftySyntax is installed on your system. Now you can use the proactive live chat support on your web site.

Uninstall CraftySyntax on HostGator Account

Just like installation, you can also uninstall CraftySyntax from your server just by using the Quick Install feature. To uninstall CraftySyntax, use the following steps.

1) First login to you cPanel account.

2) Go to Quick Install section.

3) Click on Manage Installations button on top.

4) Select the installation you want to uninstall. Click on uninstall link beside that installation.

5) You will see uninstall and cancel button. Click on Uninstall Script button.

HostGator CraftySyntax Uninstall

CraftySyntax will be uninstalled from your server.

Now you know how to install and uninstall CraftySyntax software. Use the proactive live chat software and increase the sales on your web site.

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