HostGator Dew-NewPHPLinks

Dew-NewPHPLinks is an open source link exchange program that comes with MySQL database. It's crafted in PHP and also made available coders. You can achieve a lot online when you make good use of it as a coder.


Dew-NewPHPLinks Creator

Dew-NewPHPLinks is created by DEW-CODE Team.  The online platform serves as an enterprising resource for coders. It's also meant for experts who are engaged in the Open Source app development.


The Pros

Dew-NewPHPLinks is free to use.  It's made available under the GNU license. You can easily download and install it from the official website of the company. You can also distribute it to your friends and loved ones.

Dew-NewPHPLinks is not meant for everyone. It's only meant for coders who know what they are doing. You must be a professional coder to use the software. You must know PHP, MySQL, and other programming language before you can use it.

In any case, any other person can still use Dew-NewPHPLinks by engaging a helping hand. You can engage an expert coder when you have Dew-NewPHPLinks downloaded. You can be sure of achieving what you have in mind.

It's easy to get extra help when using Dew-NewPHPLinks. You can connect with the community of coders on DEW-CODE Team. They are always on ground to respond to clients. You can even sign up and become a member if you're coder. You can share ideas with other experts. You can ask questions and clear doubts. You can learn more about latest developments in the world of coders. You can also learn more about programming languages. You're sure to increase in your coding knowledge when you partner with DEW-CODE Team.

In all, Dew-NewPHPLinks has come to stay online. The link exchange program is still evolving. The features have continued to increase. The expert coders working on DEW-CODE Team are interested in taking the software to greater heights. They will be coming up with new version of the program in the near future. They also run fixes and updates where necessary. You can get more details about the program when you get connected to the official website.

Install Dew-NewPHPLinks on HostGator

The installation process of Dew-NewPHPLinks is very easy. HostGator offers QuickInstalls feature using which you can install many open source applications. We are going to use the very same feature to install Dew-NewPHPLinks. Just use the following steps and you will have a working web site with directory application.

1) First login to cPanel using your username and password.

cPanel Login

2) Now click on QuickInstall button under the Software/Services section.

cPanel Software Services

3) On the QuickInstall page, left side you will find a list of all open source applications which you can install. Just scroll down. Under the Directory Software section, you can see the DewNewPHPLinks option. Click on DewNewPHPLinks.

HostGator DewNewPHPLinks

4) Now here on this page, click on Install DewNewPHPLinks button.

HostGator Dew New PHPLinks Continue

5) Now you need to give the information like where you want to install it. Also enter the admin email, admin username, site name and site owner. Click on Install DewNewPHPLinks button.

DewNewPHPLinks Install

6) You will see the installation process bar going from 0% to 100%.

HostGator DewNewPHPLinks Process

7) Once the installation is complete, you will see the login details. Just take a note of username and password. You will need these details for login.

HostGator DewNewPHPLinks Login

This completes the installation of DewNewPHPLinks on HostGator. Start exploring Dew-NewPHPLinks.

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