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Drupal is an easy-to-use open software meant for everyone. It's basically used for managing and organizing contents. It's also used for publishing organized contents with ease. The software is developed by a group of professional developers who also use it on regular basis.    



The Pros

Drupal is constantly being enhanced and developed. The developers are always searching for ways of making the software better. Hence, the software is regularly updated to suit the current demands in the World Wide Web.

You don't need to crack your brain to use Drupal. Its open source software meant for everyone. You don't have to be a computer geek to use it. You can share it with anybody at any time online.

Who are Drupal Users?

Drupal is meant for everyone that wants the best out of the World Wide Web.  Local businesses use the software to enhance interaction in their business platforms. Organizations and groups also use it the way they want. Local and global corporations also make use Drupal on regular basis.

Among the global corporations that are using Drupal include News Publishing companies such as The Economics, BMJ and so on. Big international auto manufacturing corporations like Peugeot and Tesla Motors also use the platform.

In educational setting, there are international colleges/universities that use Drupal. Among them include Harvard, Stanford Law, Oxford, and so on.

In the Media industry, companies that use Drupal include BBC, MTV UK, The Weather Channel, and some others.

Furthermore, governmental agencies use Drupal on regular basis. Among them include,, and so on.

There are also non-governmental organizations that are using Drupal. Among them include Amnesty International, Oxfam, and some others.  There are also transportation firm and many other corporations that use Drupal.  Most of these companies mentioned above have been scaling greater heights as they keep using the open-source software.

Meanwhile, Drupal is very secure. It comes with an attached security team of experts who are always on ground to fix issues that may arise through the software.

Getting Started with Drupal

To use Drupal, you must make sure your platform has the necessary requirements.  You can then connect to the official website of the software for the next steps. You've got a lot to gain when you start using Drupal.

Install Drupal On HostGator

Drupal runs on PHP and MySQL. So any server running PHP and MySQL can also run Drupal. Installing Drupal on HostGator is very easy task. HostGator offers QuickInstall feature to easily install Drupal. Just follow the following steps on your HostGator account and Drupal will be installed.

1) First login to cPanel account. Click on the QuickInstall button. You will find QuickInstall button in Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install

2) Click on Drupal link from the left panel. HostGator offers 2 different options for installing Drupal. You can select Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 for your requirement. I would suggest you go for Drupal 7 because it offers more features than Drupal 6. Click on Drupal 7 link.

HostGator Drupal

3) On the next page, click on Install Drupal 7button.

HostGator Drupal Continue

4) Now you will need to give URL address where you want to install the Drupal. You will also have to enter admin email, admin username and site title. Also give the timezone for which you want to install the Drupal. Once all details are given click on Install Drupal 7 button.

HostGator Drupal Install

5) You will see the installation process bar going from 0% to 100%.

HostGator Drupal Process

6) Once the installation is completed, Drupal will give you admin password. Click on View Credentials link on the top to view the username and password. Keep note of this password. You will need the password to login to Drupal web site.

HostGator Drupal Login

Now you know how to install Drupal on HostGator. Let's uninstall it.

Uninstall Drupal

Once the Drupal is installed, you won't need to uninstall it. Anyway, here are steps to uninstall Drupal from HostGator account.

If you have installed Drupal using QuickInstall then uninstallation is also very easy.

1) Login to cPanel account.

2) Go to QuickInstall page.

3) Click on My Installs link from the left panel.

4) Now click on Uninstall link next to the installation list.

5) You will see Uninstall Script button. Click on Uninstall Script button and Drupal will be uninstalled from your server.

HostGator Drupal Uninstall

So you now have good idea on how to install Drupal on HostGator account. Go and explorer the new world.

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