HostGator e107

e107 is open source software that is used for powering websites across the internet. It's unique software that can be personalized as often as possible. It's also made available free of charge. It has been existing online for some decades till date.


Basic Features

The Pros

In all, e107 has come to stay online. It has helped thousands of websites on the internet. You can take your website to greater heights by using it. You simply need to know more about the software. You can visit the official website to grab the latest info about it. You've got everything to gain when you start using it.

Install e107 on HostGator

To install e107 on hostgator, just use the following steps.

1) Login to your hostgator cPanel account.

2) Open the QuickInstall section. You will find QuickInstall button under Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

3) Now click on e107 link which you will find under CMS Software section in the left navigation panel.

HostGator e107

4) Click on Install E107 button.

HostGator e107 Continue

5) Next you need to give the URL address where you want to install e107. You also need to enter admin email address and admin username. After entering the necessary details, click on Install E107 button.

HostGator e107 Install

6) You will see the installation process indication as the installation happens.

HostGator e107 Process

7) Once the installation is finished, hostgator panel will give you username and password. Take a note of this username and password. You will need to enter password to login to the administrative interface of e107.

HostGator e107 Login

So now you know how to install e107 on your hostgator account.

Uninstall e107 on HostGator

Once you install any CMS system on your server, you rarely need to uninstall it. But in case if you want to uninstall e107 then use following steps.

1) Login to hostgator cPanel account.

2) Open QuickInstall section.

3) Click on My Installs button from top of the page.

4) Now you will get a list of all installed applications. Click on Uninstall link next to the installation list.

5) Now click on Uninstall Script button and the e107 setup will be uninstalled.

HostGator e107 Uninstall

So now you know how to install and uninstall e107 on hostgator account. Try it out yourself.

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