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Whenever you host your domain name, you also get the email accounts. Almost all web hosting providers offer email hosting facility. You can always use the third party emails like Yahoo mail and Gmail but it is always good to have your company's domain name in your email address.

HostGator offers unlimited email accounts. There is simply no limitation on how many email accounts you can create. You can create as many email accounts as you like.

Setup Email Accounts at HostGator

Setting up email accounts is very easy job at HostGator. When you sign up for an account at HostGator, you won't get any working email account. You will have to create the email account manually.

If you have registered a domain name through any other domain name registrar then make sure that the name servers of HostGator are set for that domain. If you are using any other domain name servers then make sure that you have made a correct MX record entry in the DNS server. If there is a mistake in setting up name servers or MX record then your email account won't work.

If you have registered a domain through HostGator then you don't need to worry about MX record DNS entry. HostGator takes care of it.

Here is a short video which explains how to create an email account in HostGator. Watch it to find out the email creating process.

Here are the steps you need to follow for creating an email account.

1) First login to HostGator cPanel using your username and password.

2) Then scroll down and go to Mail section. There you will find Email Accounts button. Click on Email Accounts button.

HostGator Email

3) Here on this page, you need to enter the email address which you want to create. You also need to enter the password and confirm password. Now enter quota limit if you want to set the quota otherwise select Unlimited checkbox to set no quota limit.

HostGator Email Create

4) Now click on Create Account button and your email account is created.

HostGator Email ID

Once the email account is created, you can perform many other operations on the created account.

Change the Password of Email Account

You should always keep changing the email account password at regular time period. It is a good habit to change the password every one month.

To change the password, go to the email accounts list. There click on Change Password button next to the email ID for which you want to change the password.

HostGator Email Change Password

Then enter the new and confirm password.

Confirm Password

Finally click on Change Password button and your password will be changed.

Change the Quota

You can also change the quota limit from the same page. There is an option for changing quota. Here is a short video on how to change the quota.

To change the quota, click on Change Quota link next to the email account for which you want to change the quota. Default quota limit is 500 MB. You can change the default quota limit value to maximum of 2048 MB. If you want to allow more quota than 2048MB then select unlimited quota option. 

Email Quota

Then click on Change Quota button and quota is set.

Delete Email Account

First look at the following video to learn how to delete an email account.

You can also delete the email account from the same page. Just click on delete link next to the email ID which you want to delete.

HostGator Email Delete

Then click on Delete button and the email ID will be deleted.

I hope now you know how to manage your email accounts. Go ahead and create your first email account at HostGator.

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