HostGator File Manager

HostGator uses cPanel for managing client accounts. All the cPanel accounts come up with File Manager feature. If you want to perform any operation related to files & folder hosted at your hosting account then you can do that using file manager. This is how file manager looks like.

HostGator File Manager

Generally developers use FTP to upload and modify files. FTP clients are easy to use. The only problem with FTP clients is that you will have to install it on your system.

Suppose you are working on another system and not on your system and you don't have permission to install any programs on that system. Let's assume that you only have internet access. If any emergency comes and you may need to edit the file then you can easily do that using file manager without using any software. You don't need to install anything for using file manager.

Access File Manager

You can access the file manage from the cPanel. First login to your cPanel account using username and password. You will find the File Manager button under Files section. Click on File Manager button.

You will be asked to select the directory to open.  Also if you want to see the hidden files then keep the Show Hidden Files option checkbox selected. Then click on Go button. Now you will be taken to the file manager.

General Layout of File Manager

File manager is divided in to three parts. On the top part, all the function buttons are given. Then in the left side panel, you can view the directory hierarchy view. On the right side, you can view the content of the selected directory.

Create Directory or File

You can use file manager to create a directory or a file. To create a directory, click on New Folder button on top. Make sure that on the left side the directory is selected under  which you want to create the new folder.

HostGator File Manager New Folder

Now enter the folder name and click on Create New Folder button. The folder will be created.

The same way, you can create the file. All the files on servers are text files but they work differently based on their extensions. So if you want to create static HTML page then create a file with .html extension. If you want to create php page then create file with .php extension.

To create a file click on New File button from top. Enter the file name and make sure that the file will be created under the right path. Click on Create New File button and new file will be created.

New File

Edit File Using File Manager

If you want to edit any file then you have three types of editor in File Manager. Simple editor, Code editor and HTML editor. I suggest you to use code editor. I don't trust the HTML editor of the file manager. In simple editor, you won't get the colorful syntax sentences. That's why I use code editor to make changes in the file.

To edit any file, first select the file in the right panel. Then click on Code Editor button. Keep character encoding to utf-8 only and click on Edit button.

Edit File

Now make the changes in the file and click on Save button from top-right corner to save the file. Click on Close button to close the editor.

Delete Files & Folders

To delete any file or folder, first select it then click on Delete button. You can select multiple files and folder by pressing the Ctrl key and selecting the files & folders.  After the selection is done, click on Delete button from top. You will be asked for the confirmation.

Delete Files

Click on Delete File(s) button and all your selected files & folders will be deleted.

The same way you can perform copy, move and rename operation. If you want to see the live demo of HostGator File Manager then watch the following video.

I hope now you know how to use file manager for performing any files & folder related operations.

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