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FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. You need to have FTP account if you want to transfer files to your server. You also need to have a FTP account if you want to download files from your server. In this article, I will show you how you can create and use FTP accounts in HostGator.

Create FTP Account

When you first signup with the HostGator account, you get one FTP account which created by default. You can use the default FTP account on all domains for transferring data. The default FTP account has all full permission on your account.

If you want to use a specific FTP account only for a specific domain name then you need to create one. Use these simple steps to create another FTP account.

1) First login to cPanel using the login ID and password.

HostGator FTP Login

2) Then scroll down and go to Files section. Here you will find FTP Accounts button. Click on the FTP Accounts button.

FTP Accounts

3) Now enter the FTP account name which you want to create in the login field. Enter the password and confirm the password. If you want to make a strong password then use the Password Generator button.  Then you need to give the directory name. Here you can specify any directory under your home directory. If you want to create a FTP account for a specific domain then specify the root directory of that domain. You can also set a quota for the FTP user. If you do not want to specify the quota then select unlimited option.

FTP Accounts Details

4) When all data is entered, you just need to click on “Create FTP Account” button.

5) When the FTP account is successfully created, you will see the message like following.

FTP Success

Now you can use this FTP user name to host a domain name in HostGator.

Use & Modify FTP Account

Once the FTP account is created, you can use it to transfer files from server and to the server. You need to use FTP clients to use the FTP account. There are many FTP clients available on the internet. My favorite FTP client is FileZilla.

When you want to configure a FTP client, you need to enter the FTP user name and server name details in the client. To find out the FTP username and server name details, click on Configure FTP Client button as show in the following image.

FTP Configuration

Here you can see the FTP username and server name details. HostGator also offers FTP configuration instructions for three FTP clients, one is FileZilla, second is Core FTP and third is Cyberduck which is used in MAC system.

Change Quota

If you want to change the quota of a FTP user then you can do so. Just click on Change Quota button as shown in the following image.  You will get an option to change the FTP quota.

FTP Change Quota

Now make the necessary changes in the quota then click on the Change Quota button. That's it. Your new quota is set.

Change Password

If you want to change the password of an FTP user then click on the Change Password link as shown in the following screen shot.

FTP Change Password

Enter the new password then click on “Change Password” button. You can also use Password Generator.  Your new password is set now.

Delete FTP Account

If you want to delete the FTP account for any reason then just click on Delete link.

FTP Delete Account

You have two options for deleting FTP account. You can delete just FTP account or you can delete FTP account with files. You can select the one which you like.

You have just learnt how to manage FTP accounts.

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