HostGator glFusion

glFusion is open source software that is used in creating websites and other online community resources. It remains one of the latest open source software applications that are causing waves across the net.


Basic Features

The Pros

glFusion is good for SEO. You can generate traffic with ease. You can also generate leads and attract profit. Your website will start appearing in search engine. It will also rank very high in search engines. Your overall online presence is sure to increase by the day.

glFusion ensures tight integration between diverse aspects of the entire system. You can use any of the plugins as you desire. You can also engage 3rd party plugins at any time.

with glFusion, you can have the best of content management. The software supports different kinds of contents. You can use it to create texts and files. You can also use it to create and manage videos, photos, and audio files. You can configure and extend the files with the extra plugins that come with the software.

As open source software, glFusion is available for everyone to use. You don't have to be a computer guru to use it. All you need is to download and install it according to instructions.

glFusion is very secure. You can use it to prevent bots and spams. You can make good use of the secure tools that comes with the software when you start using it.

glFusion is developer friendly. It is always improved from time to time. You can use it to develop new plugins and auto tags. You simply need to know more about the software.

In all, there's a lot you can achieve on your website when using glFusion. You can change the features of your website and also take your business to greater heights when you start using glFusion.

Install glFusion on HostGator

Installing glFusion on HostGator is very easy. Just like many open source applications, you can easily install glFusion using QuickInstall on HostGator. Follow these simple steps and glFusion will be installed on your HostGator account.

1) Login to your cPanel account on HostGator. Then click on QuickInstall button. You will find Quick install button under Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

2) Click on glFusion link which is located in the left navigation bar under the CMS section.

HostGator glFusion

3) Now click on the "Install GlFusion" button.

HostGator glFusion Continue

4) Next you need to give the path where you want to install the glFusion. You also need to give admin email, noreply email and Site title. After giving all the necessary information, click on "Install GlFusion" button.

HostGator glFusion Install

5) You will see the green process bar going on.

HostGator glFusion Process

6) Once the installation is finished, you will be given the login details. Take a note of the password, you will need that password to login to the glFusion setup.

HostGator glFusion Login

So now you know how to install glFusion on HostGator.

Uninstall glFusion on HostGator

Once you install glFusion on your HostGator account then you will not need to uninstall it. If you still want to uninstall it then follow these steps.

1) Login to cPanel and go to QuickInstall section.

2) Click on My Installs button on the top of the page.

3) You will see your glFusion installation there. Click on the Uninstall link next the installation list.

4) Two buttons will be activated. Uninstall and Cancel.

HostGator glFusion Uninstall

5) Click on Uninstall Script button and glfusion will be uninstalled.

So now you know how to install and uninstall glFusion on HostGator. Go and test glFusion setup yourself.

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