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Hotaru CMS is open source software that is used for running bookmarking and social media sites. Basically, the software is meant for running social bookmarking. You can have the best of experience in social bookmarking when you use it according to rules.

Hotaru CMS


The Pros

Hotaru CMS has a vibrant community made of developers and experts. Anybody using the software can join the community. There's a lot to learn from the forum. You can ask questions at any time. you can post new threads or comment on posts. You can learn more from other developers when you keep visiting the community.

web designers, developers, and users gather in the Hotaru CMS forums to brainstorm. New users can seek help as often as possible. They can always learn a lot from the experts when they ask questions.

There are new features that are often added to Hotaru CMS. You can learn more about such features when you visit the Hotaru community or forum. You don't have to pay a dime to join. You only need to sign up free-of-charge. You can enjoy express free support when you became a member of the Hotaru community.

There are lots of free themes available in the Hotaru forums.  Members share such themes with one another. You can always make your choice when using any of the themes.

There are over 100 plugins made available on Hotaru CMS. You're free to use any of them. You can as well share it with your friends and loved ones.

There are lots of help documents and resources available on the Hotaru CMS websites. You can learn more about the software by going through them. You might need to download some of the resources in order to gain deeper insight.

Hotaru CMS supports multiple languages. You can easily choose your language preference when using the software. You're sure to enjoy every bit of it.

Online support is available to every Hotaru CMS user. You can reach the developers at any time. if you're a member of the Hotaru forum, you can easily hook up with any of the developers. You can be sure of getting a speedy response to your questions when you locate the right developer.

Indeed, there's a lot you can achieve with Hotaru CMS. You can improve the outlook of your website when you keep using the software. You can manage contents comfortably. You can also be sure of optimizing your website for SEO purposes when you keep using Hotaru CMS.

Install Hotaru on HostGator

You can easily install hotaru on your hostgator server. HostGator offers quickinstall feature to install many open source applications. You can use quickinstall facility of hostgator to install hotaru on your hostgator server. Follow these simple steps to install hotaru on your account.

1) First login to the hostgator cpanel account.

2) Click on QuickInstall button. You will get QuickInstall button under the Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

3) Now click on the hotaru link on the left navigation panel. You will find hotaru link under CMS Software section.

Hostgator Hotaru

4) Next click on Install Hotaru button.

HostGator hotaru Continue

5) Now you need to give the path where you want to install hotaru. You also need to enter admin email address and admin user name. Give all details then click on "Install Hotaru" button.

HostGator hotaru Install

6) You will see the installation progress bar.

HostGator hotaru Process

7) Once the installation progress is completed, you will be given admin username and password. Take the note of these details as you will need these details for login to the hotaru web site.

Now you know how to install hotaru on your hostgator server. Try it out. If you don't like the CMS then there is an option for uninstallation.

Uninstall Hotaru

If you want to uninstall hotaru then here are some easy steps for uninstallation.

1) Login to cPanel account and open QuickInstall section.

2) Now click on Manage Installations button on top. You will see all installed application on your hostgator account.

3) Click on Uninstall link next to the installation which you want to uninstall.

4) Now click on Uninstall Script button and hotaru will be uninstalled from your hostgator account.

HostGator hotaru uninstall

So now you have a pretty good understanding of how to install hotaru. Go and test the new generation CMS software yourself.

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