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LifeType is unique open source software meant for blogging. It is known for supporting multiple users and blogs in slot.  Once installed, it can be used for supporting multiple blogs and users.


Who is LifeType meant for?

LifeType is basically meant for bloggers who have passion for creating daily blogs. It's also useful to web owners who desire to include blogs on their platforms. Web designers and developers can also benefit a lot from it.


The Benefits

You can achieve a lot when using LifeType. You can choose your style and also customize the blogs as you desire. You can use the free templates made available. You can also make good use of the themes.

LifeType is very easy to install. You can easily follow the onscreen instructions to have it installed. You don't have to be a computer guru to use it.

It is quiet easy to add extra feature when using LifeType. You can add extra wiki plugins at any time. You can also customize them to suit your preference.

You don't need to worry about spam messages when you use LifeType. It comes with an anti-spam filter which you can use in filtering spam with ease. The platform supports trackbacks. You can easily trackback blogs you read on daily basis. You simply need to link them with the feature provided.

LifeType encourages multiple users. You can give several persons the permission to write in your weblog at any time. Your friends and loved ones can be part of the team.

LifeType is well optimized for mobile platforms. It comes with unique mobile features. You can use that to engage in express “moblogging”. You can make use of the mobile plugins that come with the software.

LifeType offers users with unique sub-domains which can be used as URLs. You can personalize the sub-domains. You can generate clean content from your blog while using LifeType. You can also share the blog with your friends and loved ones.

Indeed, you've got a lot to gain when using LifeType. You can learn more about the open source software by checking out its official website.

Install LifeType on HostGator

Installation of LifeType is very easy. If you have little bit of technical knowledge then you can install LifeType on your server. Hostgator makes installation of LifeType even easier by giving quick install facility. Just follow the following simple steps and LifeType will be installed on your hostgator account.

1) Login to your hostgator control panel.  Go to quick install section. You can open quick install section by clicking on 'Quick Install' from Software/Services section.

Quick Install Button

2) Once you are in Quick Install section, click on LifeType link from the left navigation toolbar. You will find the LifeType link under Blog section.

HostGator LifeType

3) Now click on Install LifeType button.

HostGator LifeType Continue

4) You will be asked to enter the URL address, admin email, site name and display name. Fill out all the information. Once you have given all information, click on 'Install LifeType' button.

HostGator LifeType Install

5) You will see the installation process.

HostGator LifeType Process

6) Once the installation is complete, you will be given username and password for lifetype. Please keep record  of this username and password. You will need this information at the time of login to your LifeType installation.

HostGator LifeType Password

Now you have successfully install LifeType on your hostgator account. You can start using LifeType blogging platform.

Uninstall LifeType from HostGator Server

You can easily uninstall LifeType from your account just by one click.

To uninstall the LifeType, first go to Quick Install section.  Click on 'My Installs' button. Click on uninstall link to uninstall your installation. Then click on Uninstall button.

HostGator LifeType Uninstall

Now you know how to install LifeType on your hostgator account. Go and try LifeType yourself.

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