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Magento is an online business portal that helps businesses to grow with ease. You can build your business and also be in total control when you explore the many benefits that come with the platform.


The Pros

Magento offers diverse scalable e-business solutions to users. It also offers flexible solutions that can help you take your business to greater heights. You can easily control the functionality of your business site when you make good use of the services offered by the platform.

Magento can help you control web content. It can also help you build a vibrant online store with ease. You simply need to explore the services made available.

The experts that make up the Magento group have a lot to offer. You can seek for special training or support from them. They are always available to help. There are network of partners that make up the Magento group. They are made of web developers, web coders, designers, and so on. They can help you take your e-commerce site to an enviable level.

Furthermore, Magento has a network of certified developers who are ready to help clients. You can easily build your online store through such developers. You can also ask for custom web design through them.

There are also several extensions and apps made available by Magento partners. They come with exciting features. They also serve diverse purposes. You're free to use any of the extensions and apps to build your business.

The Brain behind Magento

Magento is actually powered and owned by eBay Inc. It's simply another great resource from the company. Over the years, eBay has positioned itself as a leader in the online shopping world.  It has continued to be the needs of millions of online shoppers across the globe.

Magento Products

Magento offers diverse kinds of e-commerce products and solutions meant for business people.  Here are some of the products:

These are solutions meant for large and fast-growing businesses. They are known to be very scalable and flexible. They help businesses in diverse ways. They can drive customers and also ensure steady profits when utilized. Among the features include extensions, open architecture, network of partners, network of certified developers, integration with other e-commerce solutions, and a lot more.

This is an open source online business software meant for powering online stores across the net. It's 100% free to download. You don't have to pay a dime to use it.  In most cases, the software is used by small and medium sized businesses. Developers also use them to create online stores.

Aside from the above, Magento also has Solutions for Fashion and Solutions for B2B. All of these are meant to help business men and women. You can grow your business with ease when you use any of the Magento products. You can change the condition of your business and also get to the next level when you go for the products.  You've got to get started right away.

Install Magento

Here are the simple steps. Just follow the steps and you will have magento installed on your hosting account.

1) First login to your HostGator cPanel account using your username and password.

Cpanel Login Magento

2) Now here on this screen, click on  QuickInstall button which you will find under Software/Services section.

cPanel Quick Install Magento

3) On this page, scroll down. You will see Magento option under the eCommerce Software section in left side navigation panel. Click on that magento link.

HostGator Magento

4) Here click on Install Magento button.

HostGator Magento Continue

5) Next give all the information admin email address, admin username and admin password. You also need to give Locale, Timezone and Default Currency option. Then click on Install Magento button.

HostGator Magento Install

6) You will see that the process will be displayed.

HostGator Magento Process

7) Once the process bar reaches to the 100%, you will be given the admin username and password. Please note this down. You will need admin username and password for logging to the magento panel.

HostGator Magento Complete

Now the installation is finished. Go ahead and add products to your magento website. Enjoy the beauty of eCommerce application.

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