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MyBB is unique forum software that can be used for online communication purposes. It is a product of the MyBB Group chaired by Chris Boulton and his team. The first version of MyBB hit the online world almost 10 years ago after going through many years of testing and development. 


Ever since its invention, MyBB has continued to evolve. The developers have continued to enhance it for the better. New capabilities and features are regularly added to the platform. So far, the MyBB Group has released over 60 versions of the software. This shows how unique the platform has always been.


MyBB is very easy to use. You don't have to be a computer guru to use it. All you need is to have it running on your system. It remains a powerful tool at the hands of forum users.

It's quite easy to build an enterprising forum platform with MyBB. The forum members can easily interact with one another. They can share ideas and thoughts. They can also post new topics and equally learn more from one another.

In all, there's a lot you can accomplish with MyBB. The open source software is designed to make forum conversations easier and simpler. You can have a great time using the platform. There's a lot you still need to know about the software. You can visit the official website to learn more about it.

Install MyBB on HostGator

If you want to install MyBB on your HostGator account then you need to follow the simple steps. Here are the steps which you need to use.

1) First of all, login to your HostGator account.

2) Go to quick install section. You can get quick install button under Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

3) Now click on the MyBB link. You can find that link in left navigation bar under Forum link.

HostGator MyBB

4) Now you need to click on Install MyBB button.

HostGator MyBB Continue

5) Now give the URL address where you want to install MyBB software. You also need to give admin email address, site title and forum title. Once all information is filled up, click on Install MyBB button.

HostGator MyBB Install

6) You will see the installation process going on.

HostGator MyBB Process

7) Once the installation is complete, you will be given admin name and password. Keep the record of this information. You will need this info for logging in to the forum.

HostGator MyBB Username

Congratulations! You have now successfully installed MyBB on your HostGator account.

Uninstall MyBB

Once MyBB forum is installed successfully, you will never need it to uninstall again. Just in case, if you want to uninstall MyBB, follow following steps.

1) Login to you cPanel account.

2) Go to quick install section. To uninstall MyBB, you will need to go to quick install section.

3) Click on My Installs link in left side nevigation panel. You will be given the list of your installed applicatons.

4) Click on the Uninstall link next to the installation which you want to uninstall.

HostGator MyBB Uninstall

5) You will be given two choices, Uninstall & Cancel. Click on Uninstall Script button to completely uninstall MyBB from your account.

So now you know how to install/uninstall MyBB on your HostGator account. Try it yourself and enjoy the new features of MyBB.

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