HostGator NameServers

The main work of name servers is to convert the domain name in to IP address. You might need to know your name servers if you are registering a domain through other domain name registrar than HostGator.

How Name Servers Works?

When you register any domain, you need to assign the name servers for that domain. When any client computer accesses your website, the computer first makes a query to the name servers. Computers only understand machine languages. They communicate using only IP address. IP address is just a number assigned to your server, just like the telephone number assigned to you. Name servers job is to convert the domain name in to IP address.

When any client computer asks for the IP for your domain name, name servers attached with your domain name will respond to the computer with the IP address of your server where your website files are located. The client computer then connects to the server using the IP address and request for the specified files. When the computer gets the data of file, you will be displayed the web page.

Where Are HostGator Name Servers Located?

 If you register a domain name using HostGator then HostGator automatically sets your account's nameservers for the domain you registered. If you register a domain name using any other domain name registrar then you will have to set your account's nameservers for the domain you registered.

To set the HostGator name servers for your domain, you first need to find your name servers. To get your domain name servers details, follow these simple steps.

1) Login to cPanel using your account name and password.

2) Scroll down till the bottom of the page.

3) On the left side you will see Name Servers entries.

HostGator Name Servers

4) Name servers entries look like following.

where X &Y are numbers.  For

If you want to learn how to find name servers details in HostGator then watch the following video.

Why You Need NameServers Details?

It is compulsory to attach the name servers to a registered domain name. If the attached name servers doesn't have an DNS entry for your domain name then also your site won't be accessible.  You need to make sure that your hosting company's name servers are attached with the domain you register.

I have shown you how to change domain name servers if you register a domain name using Every domain name registrar has it's own way of changing the name servers. If you ever find difficulty in changing the name server for your domain then let me know and I will do that for you.

I hope you enjoyed the nameservers article. Explore more articles in this web site to learn more about HostGator.

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