HostGator Nucleus

Nucleus is an open source CMS software meant for managing blogs. You can call it blog management software if you want. It's known for helping blog users achieve great tasks and also save enough time.



The Pros

Nucleus ensures easy management of blogs. You can use it to achieve a lot on your blog and other blog related resources. You can use it to manage web contents that are updated on regular basis.

Nucleus is known to be very user-friendly. You don't need to worry about how to use it. You don't even need to be a computer guru to use it. All you need is to follow the simple onscreen instructions.

With Nucleus, you can manage web contents that are regularly updated. This is very important. If your website is not updated frequently, it will start losing traffic. Many people will start overlooking the site even when it appears in search engines.

Nucleus allows little tweaking on its skin. It is known to be very light. Hence, anybody can use it for any worthy purpose. You can use it to handle little content management plan.

With Nucleus you can easily maintain a single blog or news blog site. However, you can still use it to manage multiple weblogs and news websites.  You can also use it to set up more weblogs at any time. You can as well display the content of the multiple blogs in one single page.

Each blog created with Nucleus comes with its own team of authors. Each author has a specific duty to perform. Some authors may serve as administrations. They have the right to post and edit contents. Other authors only have power to change the blog settings. With Nucleus, you can set up more categories within a single weblog.

Getting started with Nucleus

You can easily have access to Nucleus through its official website. It's quite easy to download and install. You're sure to have a great time when you start using the open source software.

Install Nucleus CMS on HostGator

Installation process of Nucleus is very simple on HostGator server. HostGator offers quick and easy installation of Nucleus with QuickInstall facility. Use the following steps to install Nucleus on HostGator account.

1) Login to your HostGator cPanel account using your username and password.

2) After that click on QuickInstall button which you will find under the Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

3) Now click on CMS link from the left side navigation bar. Then click on Nucleus link.

HostGator Nucleus

4) Next you need to click on Install Nucleus button.

HostGator Nucleus Continue

5) Now you need to enter the details of URL where you want to install the Nucleus. You also need to enter the admin user name and email ID. You also need to give information about blog name and short name. Once all the information is given, click on Install Nucleus button.

HostGator Nucleus Install

6) You will see the installation process.

HostGator Nucleus Process

7) Once the installation is finished, you will get username and password. You will need this information for login to the Nucleus. Keep this information safe.

HostGator Nucleus Login

Now you know how to install Nucleus on your HostGator account. Have fun with it.

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