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website development is fast becoming an enterprising process with the introduction of ocPortal. The open source CMS is known to be very versatile. You don't have to spend a dime to use it since it's free. You can reach your target audience on diverse levels when you use ocPortal in building and developing your professional website.


Basic Features

The Benefits

There's a lot you can achieve when using ocPortal in building and developing a website. Here are some points to note:

In all, ocPortal is very easy-to-use. you can end up creating a dynamic website when you use the platform. You can have access to the software by visiting its official website.

Install ocPortal on HostGator

HostGator offers quickinstall feature by which you can easily install many open source applications on your HostGator account. Just use following steps and ocPortal will be installed on your HostGator server.

1) First login to HostGator cPanel using your username and password.

2) Now click on QuickInstall button which you will find under Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

3) Then you need to click on CMS link which is available in the left side navigation panel. Now click on ocPortal link.

HostGator ocPortal

4) Click on Install OcPortal button.

HostGator ocPortal Continue

5) Now you need to fill out all necessary details. Select the path where you want to install the ocPortal. Enter the admin email address and admin username. You also need to enter the site name. Once you have filled all the necessary information, click on “Install OcPortal” button.

HostGator ocPortal Install

6) You will see that QuickInstall is installing necessary files on your account. You can get the status from the process status bar.

HostGator ocPortal Process

7) Once the installation is complete, you will be given the username and password. You need to click on View Credentials link to view username and password. You can use this username and password for login to the ocPortal.

HostGator ocPortal Login

Now you know how to install ocPortal on HostGator. Install ocPortal and grow your business.

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