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Open Atrium is one of the Open Source software programs that are causing waves on the internet. It's actually collaboration software that encourages connectivity on a given platform.

Open Atrium

Basic Features

The Benefits

How to Use Open Atrium

There are diverse ways of using Open Atrium. It can be used as a learning management system. It can also be used as a knowledge management system. It can be used in creating intranets. It can also be used on web portals.  The Open Source software is flexible. It can be used in building a collaboration website that will suit a given organization.

Open Atrium can be used in creating a public web portal. It can also be used in creating a private or semi-private web portal for different calibers of users. It can secure web data when used according to rules.

The Open Source software can also be used as a Social Collaboration Platform. When used this way, it can help you stay connected to your friends, colleagues and well-wishers. It encourages the easy dissemination of information among users.

Install Open Atrium on HostGator

Open Atrium is one of the best content management systems available on the internet. HostGator offers easy installation of open atrium. You can install open atrium on HostGator using quick install facility. To install open atrium CMS on HostGator, just follow these simple steps.

1) First login to the cPanel using your username and password.

2) Go to QuickInstall facility. You will find QuickInstall button under Software/Services section in cPanel.

HostGator Quick Install Button

3) Click on Open Atrium link under the CMS Software from navigation panel.

HostGator Open Atrium

4) Now click on Install Open Atrium button

HostGator Open Atrium Continue

5) Next you need to enter URL address where you want to install Open Atrium. You also need to enter admin's email address and username and also a site title. Once all information is given, click on “Install Open Atrium” button.

HostGator Open Atrium Install

6) You will see a installation process bar.

HostGator Open Atrium Process

7) Once the installation is complete, you will be given the admin username and password. You will need these details to login to the open atrium installed site.

HostGator Open Atrium Login

This completes your open atrium installation. If you just want to feel how open atrium is then you can go ahead and install it on your HostGator server.

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