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Password protected directories are used to make the content password protected. There are situations when you want to share the content to only specific group of people and you do not want to share it with all your website visitors. In that type of situations, you can put the content under password protected directories then share the password with only those people to whom you want to give the access.

What is Password Protected Directory?

Password protected directories are just simple directories which are protected by the password. Whenever someone tries to access the password protected directory, she is asked the username and password for the access. If that visitor doesn't have the username and password then the visitor can't see the restricted content.

We will see how to make a password protected directory on your hosting account. I will show you exact step by step guide to make a password protected directory.

Make Password Protected Directory

There are two ways to make password protected directory. One way is to use cPanel. Second way is to use .htaccess file and htpasswd file. Second way is a complex and it is for advance user. If you use the cPanel then you can easily create password protected directory. In this article, we are going to create the password protected directory using cPanel only. Just use the following steps and your directory will be protected by password.

1) First login to cPanel using your login username and password.

HostGator cPanel Login ID

2) Scroll down and go to Security section. Here you will see a Password Protected Directories button. Click on the Password Protected Directories button.

HostGator Password Protected Directories

3) Next a file manager dialog box is opened. You need to select the document root of a domain for which you want to create a password protected directory.

Password Protected Document Root

Then click on Go button.

4) Now you can see a list of all the directories which are under the document root of the domain. Click on the directory which you want to make password protected.

Password Protected Directory

For this example, I will select demo directory for making it secure.

5) Next you need to give username and password details. You can give any username and password. This details are used to get the access of password protected directory.

Password Protected Directory Add User

Then click on Add/Modify authorized user button.

6) Finally you will see the success or error message. Click on Go Back button.

7) On this page, you will see an authorized user list. You can either add another user and edit or delete already created user.

Authorized Users List

Congratulations! You have just made a secure directory. You can access the content of this directory using allowed username and password.

How to Remove Password Protection?

If for any reason, you need to remove the security of protected directory then you can do that also from the cPanel. Go to Password Protected Directories page then uncheck the password protect this directory check box.

Password Protected Remove

Click on Save button. Now the directory is removed from password protection.

I hope you enjoyed the article on password protected directory. Go and make your first secure directory.

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