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PHP-Nuke is unique content management open source software that is based on MySQL and PHP.  It's web-based automated news publishing software that is controlled with a web-based user interface. You can achieve a lot in content management when you use it.

php Nuke


The Pros

As a unique content management system, PHP-Nuke helps webmasters in diverse ways. You can use it to create community based websites.  Editors and web users can easily use it post all kinds of news items. The system supports user-submitted news items at all times. It also supports other kinds of web contents.

It's possible to post a comment on published articles when using PHP-Nuke. However, you must be a registered user to do so.  It's possible to add modules to PHP-Nuke. This gives room for extra features. Among such models include Calendar, Forum, FAQs, News Feed, Private messages, and a lot more.

It's easy to maintain a website that uses PHP-Nuke. All you need is to go through the admin interface that comes with the software. You've got to try out the software right away!

Install PHP Nuke on HostGator

Installation of PHP Nuke is very easy on your hostgator account. Hostgator offers installation of PHP-Nuke through quick install facility. To install PHP Nuke just follow following steps.

1) First login to your hostgator cpanel account. Now go to quick install section. You can find quick install button under software/services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

2) Click on PHP-Nuke from left navigation. You will find the PHP-Nuke link under CMS section.

HostGator PHP Nuke

3) Now click on Install PHP-Nuke button.

HostGator PHP Nuke Continue

4) You need to give the URL address where you want to install PHP-Nuke. You also need to give admin email address and site name and admin username. Once all information is entered, click on Install PHP-Nuke button.

HostGator PHP Nuke Install

5) Installation process will start.

HostGator PHP Nuke Process

5) Now you will be given the username and password for login. Take a note of login information. You will need this information at the time of login.

HostGator PHP Nuke Password

Congratulations! PHP-Nuke is installed on your server.

Uninstall PHP-Nuke on HostGator

To uninstall php nuke, follow following steps.

1) Log to your panel.

2) Go to Quick Install section.

3) Click on My Installs button.

4) Click on the Uninstall link next to the PHP Nuke installation list.

HostGator PHP Nuke Uninstall

5) Click on Uninstall Script button and your PHP-Nuke software is uninstalled.

Install PHP-Nuke on your server and try it yourself.

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