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PhpCOIN is unique online free software meant for reseller web-hosting. However, its usage has actually expanded. It can now be used to handle web orders, invoices, notes and also on. It can also be used to handle human resources including clients through the internet.


The Pros

PhpCOIN is good for enhancing small web hosting reselling enterprise. It's also good for medium sized reseller web-hosting. You simply need to have it downloaded. You don't have to pay dime to get it.

Aside from reseller web-hosting, you can use PhpCOIN to run any kind of online business.  There are no limits anymore. The developers have taken time to expand its usage. You can use it to accomplish more than you can ever think of.

PhpCOIN is meant for presenting information to clients through a very simple interface. You can use it to generate funds through online shopping. Customers can easily be billed when the software is well integrated. You can also use the platform to carry out specific goals without hitches.

With PhpCOIN package, you can create unique web content. You can also manage the content as you desire.  You can also use PhpCOIN to enhance the “Order Process on your website. It comes with a pre-configured form that helps you collect clients' information during the ordering process.

You can also use PhpCOIN to generate Invoices online. This can be used to service clients when they purchase products.

It's equally possible to carry out client management with PhpCOIN. You can easily store client information, invoice, profile, order history, ticket history, and payment history and so on.

Furthermore, you can enjoy express support when using PhpCOIN. It comes with an integrated support helpdesk. You can use it to fix issues when necessary. It also comes with a “Contact” platform which enables you to reach clients with ease.


Indeed, there's a lot you can gain when you use PhpCOIN. You can be sure of creating an enterprising reseller website with it. You can also take your business to another level when you keep using the free software. You've got to visit the official website to learn more about it.  You'll never regret going for it by any means.

Install phpCOIN

Installing phpCOIN is very easy on HostGator. You can install the software using QuickInstall feature on HostGator. Just follow these steps and you will have working phpCOIN on your website.

1) Go to HostGator cPanel. There login using your username and password.

cPanel Login phpCOIN

2) Now scroll down and go to Software/Services section. Click on QuickInstall button.

cPanel QuickInstall phpCOIN

3) Here on the left side navigation panel, under the eCommerce software click on phpCOIN link button.

HostGator phpCOIN

4) Now click on Install PhpCOIN button.

HostGator phpCOIN Continue

5) Next you need to enter the domain name and path where you want to install it. You also need to enter the admin username and admin email address. Once done, click on Install PhpCOIN button.

HostGator phpCOIN Install

6) You will see a installation process.

HostGator phpCOIN Process

7) When the installation process is finished, you will get the admin username and password.

HostGator phpCOIN Login

That's it. Now the phpCOIN is installed. Enjoy the clients, invoices and order management system.

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