HostGator phpFreeChat

PhpFreeChat is a unique open source application meant for easy communication. You can download and install with the view of enhancing communication among your web visitors. It's known for offering unique services to all users.


The Pros

PhpFreeChat is 100% free for everyone. You can easily download it without spending a dime. You can also install it with ease. You simply need to follow the onscreen instructions to install it at any time.

The application offers quick services when activated. It executes chat commands in a very quick manner. You don't need to spend so much time waiting for responses when you use it.

You can customize phpFreeChat as you desire. You can change the default color, background, themes, and other salient features. This makes is very different from many other free chat apps that abound online.

PhpFreeChat supports multiple languages. You can chat in any of the languages. You can also convert messages into your favorite language and have them stored.

PhpFreeChat uses AJAX to refresh and showcase chat zone. It comes with multiple rooms that be customized. Anybody is permitted to join any the rooms. You can air your views in the public room. You can also decide to share it with others. You can post a thread and expect to get answers from others as quick as possible.

PhpFreeChat also support the creation of private messages. You can compose a private message and have it delivered to the person with ease.  You can write customized storage routines. This will help you make good use of the platform.

If you're in need of a free website with free chat, you've got to try phpFreeChat. You don't need to run from pillar to post when what you're looking for is right here. You can connect with the official website of the application in order to get exactly what you want. You can customize phpFreeChat to suit tablet, Smartphone, and other mobile platforms.

The Features

In all, phpFreeChat has a lot to offer its users. You can always customize the default features as you desire. However, you must be careful with the customization process. You have to take out time to know exactly what you want before thinking of using phpFreeChat. You can be sure of having a wonderful chat experience online when you start using the software.

Install phpFreeChat on HostGator Server

Installation of phpFreeChat server is very easy. HostGator offers installation of phpFreeChat server through Quick Install facility. You can install phpFreeChat within few seconds. Just use the following steps to install phpFreeChat on your server.

1) First login to your hostgator cpanel account. Click on Quick Install button to go to quick install section.  You can find the quick install button under Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

2) Click on phpFreeChat link from the left navigation. You will find the link under Chat section.

HostGator phpFreeChat

3) Now click on the Install PhpFreeChat button.

HostGator phpFreeChat Continue

4) You need to give information about the URL where you want to install phpFreeChat. You also need to enter admin email address. Once you have completely filled out all information, click on Install PhpFreeChat button.

HostGator phpFreeChat Install

5) You will see the process of installation.

HostGator phpFreeChat Process

6) Once the installation of phpFreeChat is complete, you will be given the password for your server login. Please save this password. You will need this login information at the time of login.

HostGator phpFreeChat Username

Now the installation of phpFreeChat is complete.

Uninstall phpFreeChat

Just like installation, you can uninstall the phpFreeChat very easily.  To uninstall, follow these steps.

1) Log in to your hostgator account. Go to quick install section.

2) Click on Manage Installations button on top.

3) Click on Uninstall link next to the application which you want to uninstall.

HostGator phpFreeChat Uninstall

4) Click on Uninstall Script button and phpFreeChat will be uninstalled from your account.

I hope this article helped you understand the installation process of phpFreeChat. Install it on your hostgator account and enjoy the chat facility.

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