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Phpwcms is an open soft web-based CMS built with MySQL and PHP framework. It's currently being used by thousands of websites across the net. It's also supported by dedicated and shared web hosting plans offered by several web hosts.



The Pros

Phpwcms is very flexible to use. You can twist the features to suit your preference. You can customize some of the features as often as possible. The software is also known to be very fast in operation. You don't have to waste your precious time while using it. You simply need to use it according to instructions.

Phpwcms is very robust in content. It comes with all the vital features that can make content management very smooth.  The software is customer-friendly. It's also known to be developer-friendly. Most web developers like using it on regular basis.

Furthermore, phpwcms is very powerful as a web-based content management system.  the developers keep improving the software from time to time. the latest version got rid of the issues associated with the former versions.

It's easy to get extra support when using phpwcms. All you need is to try out the support forum. You simply need to sign up. Once you're there, you can easily hook up with any of the expert to get your problem solved when using phpwcms.

You don't need to crack your brain just to master phpwcms. It's indeed very easy to understand. You have the freedom to customize the layout as you desire. You can also customize the content to suit your preference.

If you're a web publisher, phpwcms can help you a great deal. You can use it to manage and enhance your content before you publish.  If you're a web developer, you can still enjoy using phpwcms. You can speed up your web developing tasks when using the platform.

Meanwhile, you don't have to be at lost when using phpwcms. You can always get the needed help from the developers. You can join the phpwcms community or forum at any time. All you need is to sign up. You can use the platform to ask questions or post new ideas. You can share your post with other members and enhance your knowledge.

Moreover, phpwcms is always updated from time to time. You can have access to the latest version when it is released by the developers. You can enhance the official outlook of your site when you use phpwcms. You can gather further information about the software by visiting its official website.

Install phpwcms on HostGator

Installation of phpwcms is very easy on any shared hosting server. HostGator offers very easy way to install phpwcms. You just need to use following steps to perform installation of phpwcms.

1) First login to the cPanel using your username and password.

2) Next click on QuickInstall button. You will find the QuickInstall button under the Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

3) Click on phpwcms link which you will find under CMS Software section in the left navigation panel.

HostGator phpwcms

4) Now you need to click on Install Phpwcms button.

HostGator phpwcms Continue

5) Next you need to fill out all details like the URL where you want to install phpwcms, admin email address, admin username and full name. Once you have given all details, click on “Install phpwcms ” button.

HostGator phpwcms Install

6) Now you will see that HostGator will start the installation of phpwcms.

HostGator phpwcms process

7) Once the installation process reaches to 100%, you will be given the username and password. You will need these details to login to the phpwcms portal.

HostGator phpwcms login

So now you know how easy it is to install phpwcms on HostGator server. Install it and have fun with the modern CMS.

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