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Kick-starting an online community is fast becoming very easy with the invention of Pligg.  The Open Source CMS software is solely designed for the express creation of online communities meant for article submission.


Why go for Pligg?

There's a lot to gain when using Pligg. In the first place, the software can help you start an online community with ease. You can use the online community for the submission of articles. Writers can register on the platform by signing up. They will also start submitting articles on daily basis.

Pligg ensures easy voting on submitted articles. Users can also read articles and leave useful comment on the platform.  The comment can be edited by the moderator at any time.

Unlike other CMS programs meant for selected authors, Pligg is quite different. It's meant for large group of people who can come up with quality content. They also have the freedom to moderate content as they desire. However, users must register properly before they can carry out any task on the platform.


Indeed, Pligg is well packaged for all content writers and web developers out there. There's a lot you can achieve as you keep going for the software.

Installing Pligg on HostGator

HostGator offers a very easy solution for installing pligg. You can install pligg with just few clicks. Here is what you need to do in order to install pligg on your HostGator account.

1) First login to your HostGator cPanel using username and password.

2) Now go to QuickInstall section. You can go to QuickInstall section by clicking on QuickInstall button under Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

3) Next you need to click on pligg link which you will find in the side panel under CMS Software section.

HostGator Pligg

4) Now you need to click on Install Pligg button.

HostGator Pligg Continue

5) Next you need to give URL address where you want to install pligg. You also need to give admin email address and admin username. Once all information is given, click on “Install Pligg” button to start the installation process.

HostGator Pligg Install

6) Now you will see the installation process.

HostGator Pligg Process

7) Finally after the installation, you will be given the username and password. Just take a note of that username and password. You will need these details for login to your web site.

HostGator Pligg Login

So now you know how to install pligg on HostGator. Install it yourself and see if that CMS is for your or not.

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