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PrestaShop is an online resource that offers unique open source software and other solutions to hundreds of online store owners. The e-commerce software offered by the company is loaded with several innovative tools meant to build and manage online stores with ease.


The Benefits

The PrestaShop software is very easy to use. It's also very intuitive and efficient. It comes with unique tools that can help you build and manage your online store without spending much.

PrestaShop is very flexible to use. Its open source software meant for businesses. It's free to use. You don't have to pay any hidden fees to download it.  You don't need to worry about technical hitches since the software is very user-friendly.

With PrestaShop, you can be sure of increasing sales. You can attract potential customers and also maintain the customers you're already having. The software also maximizes visibility online. You can use it to achieve the best of SEO for your website. You can attract traffic with ease. You can also generate leads. The online visibility of your site is sure to increase on regular basis.

So far, PrestaShop has continued to change the face of online retail industry across the globe. It's currently being used in over 200 nations. Several partners have also joined the PrestaShop group. 

The ever blossoming PrestaShop community has a vision of reaching every part of the globe with the awesome software.  This will help anybody from any part of the world to use the software without spending a dime. The PrestaShop community is very dedicated to helping business owners across the globe.

Meanwhile, the PrestaShop experts are very committed to meeting the needs of online merchants. They are always on ground to respond to individuals that make use of the software on regular basis. They are also allowing new members to join the bandwagon.


Meanwhile, there are lots of unique resources on the PrestaShop website. You can have access to modules, training materials, themes, newsletter, and a lot more. It's also possible to sign up to become a partner with PrestaShop. The company has partners in diverse areas. They have Industry partners, Hosting partners, Agency partners, and a lot more. You simply need to join.

In all, PrestaShop has come to stay online. There's a lot you can achieve when you start using it. You can be sure of getting your desired result when you have the software downloaded. You can visit the PrestaShop website to learn more about the product. You've got to check it out right away.

Install PrestaShop

You can install PrestaShop on HostGator account using QuickInstall feature. Use the following steps to install the software.

1) First login to HostGator cPanel using your username and password.

cPanel Login PrestaShop

2) Now scroll down and go to Software/Services section. Here click on QuickInstall button.

cPanel SoftWare Services

3) On this page, in the left side navigation panel, click on PrestaShop link which you will find under eCommerce Software section.

HostGator PrestaShop

4) Now click on Install PrestaShop button.

HostGator PrestaShop Continue

5) Here enter the domain path where you want to install the PrestaShop software. You also need to give admin email address, site title, admin first name and admin last name. When you finished giving the details, click on Install PrestaShop button.

HostGator PrestaShop Install

6) Now you will see the installation process.

HostGator PrestaShop Process

7) Once the installation is finished, you will be given the admin username and password.

HostGator PrestaShop Login

The installation is complete now. You can go and look at the different features of PrestaShop to increase your sales and customers.

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