HostGator PunBB

Punbb is open source software used as discussion board. It is powered by PHP and made available under the GNU General Public License. It's known for helping users accomplish discussion tasks with ease.



The Pros

Punbb is very light and hence very easy to run on diverse platforms. It encourages fast sharing of ideas on discussion boards.  It runs very fast when used. It comes with less graphical features when compared to other discussion board. It also comes with very simple design and layout.

When using Punbb, the output is always faster and easy to access. The open source supports pages crafted with XHTML. It can easily be managed by anybody with little or no technical knowledge. The source code that comes with the program is very easy to read. Anybody can also understand it with ease.

Punbb encourages easy sharing of thoughts, ideas and messages on forums where it is integrated. People can easily interact with one another while using the software. In most cases, users are expected to create accounts before they can use Punbb. Account creation is usually very fast and easy. You might be required to verify your account details through email before you can use Punbb.

Furthermore, Punbb encourages steady posting of new topics and threads. People can come up with ideas as new threads. Anybody can start a topic of discussion at any time. It's always very easy to see what others are sharing when using Punbb. However, there are rules that guide discussion boards.  Users are expected to abide by the rules in order not to be evicted by the moderator.  Harassing other users is not allowed. Every user is expected to be polite with others while using the platform.

Where to get Punbb

Punbb is free to download. You can easily download it from its official websites. It's also very easy to integrate on diverse online forums. The developers are still working hard to improve the source codes. In the near feature, Punbb is sure to come up with beta features. Till then, it remains veritable open source software for every forum user. You can have a great time using it on regular basis.

Indeed, Punbb has proven to be useful open source software by every standard. Most users find it very easy-to-use. They prefer using the software because it's less cumbersome. It's always very easy to open at any time. It remains powerful software to beat in the recent times. It's also competing favorably with other platforms.  Despite the competitions, it still ranks higher among users across the net.

Install PunBB 

Installation of PunBB is very easy. Just like many other applications, hostgator offers installation of PunBB through quick install feature. Follow following steps and PunBB will be installed on your HostGator account.

1) Login to cPanel.

2) Go to Quick Install section. You can find the quick install button under Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

3) Click on the Forum link from the left navigation bar. Then click on punBB link.

HostGator PunBB

4) Click on Install PunBB button.

HostGator PunBB Continue

5) You will be asked for the web site address details. Give the URL address where you want to install the punBB software. You also need to give admin email address, forum title and sub title. Once all the information is filled up, click on “Install PunBB” button.

HostGator PunBB Install

6) Installation process will be shown up.

HostGator PunBB Process

7) As soon as the installation is finished, you will given admin username and password to login to the forum. Click on View Credentials link to view the username and password. You will get these information through email also but please keep the record of this information.

HostGator PunBB Username

Now punBB is installed on your site and you can start using it.

Uninstall PunBB 

You will never need to uninstall forum software once it is installed. Just in case if you want to uninstall punBB, use following steps.

1) Login to your cPanel account and go to quick install section.

2) Click on My Installations link from the left panel.

3) You will see the installation list. Find out your PunBB installation title which you want to uninstall.

4) Click on uninstall link next to it.

HostGator PunBB Uninstall

5) Then click on Uninstall Script button.

Now you know how to install punBB on your hostgator account. Go install it and enjoy the functionality of punBB on your hostgator hosted web site.

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