HostGator Quick Install

QuickInstall is a feature which is offered through the cPanel. Using quick install feature, you can install many open source softwares on your HostGator hosted web site using few clicks. You don't have to go through for the process of downloading and manually installing the software on your website.

You can access the quick install from the cPanel. You will find the Quick Install button under Software/Services section in the cPanel. Quick Install is now managed by MOJO Market place.

When you first time open the Quick Install, you need to sign up for an account. You need to use your cPanel username and password for the sign up process. Now login with your account details and you will have an access to install many open source softwares at few clicks.

Overview of Quick Install Interface

When you first login to the Quick Install, the interface looks like the following.

HostGator Quick Install

On the top navigation panel, you have most popular CMS links which are used frequently by the users to install on the sites. In the left side panel on the top section, you have My Account links from where you can keep a track of all installed platforms on your account. You can also keep a track of your purchases from here.

Finally in the left side bottom panel, you will see a list of all open source softwares which are supported by the Quick Installs.  Here is a full list of softwares which are supported by Quick Install

Billings Softwares



Guest Book


Project Management


Social Networking










ePortfolio Software


Above is a list of all supported softwares available using QuickInstall feature.

QuickInstall Installed Softwares

QuickInstall also gives an option to manage the installed softwares. You can find a list of all installed softwares under My Installs list.

Click on My Installs link. You will see all the domain names where open source softwares are installed using QuickInstall. There you have an option to uninstall the software and reset the admin password. If the open source software is installed under the root domain then you also have an option to make secure site. You also have an option to take Backup. Backup costs $49 onetime charge.

If you want to see the QuickInstall feature then watch the following video. The video is bit old but all the functions are same.

So now you know how to use the Quick Install feature. Go ahead and install an open source software using Quick Install.

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