Register Domain Name in HostGator

HostGator offers not only domain hosting service but it also offers domains registration service. If you want to register a domain name in HostGator then you can easily do that. In this article, I will explain how you can register a domain name in HostGator.

Register a Domain at The Time of Sign Up

If you are just signing up for HostGator hosting service then you have an option to register a domain at the time of sign up process. Just enter the domain name in the domain name field. HostGator then checks for the availability of the domain name and will give you the options like following.

HostGator Domain Register

HostGator currently charges $12.95 for one year of domain registration. If you also want the domain privacy then you will have to pay extra $9.95 per year.

When you complete the signup process for webhosting, your domain name is also registered.

Register a Domain after Sign Up

You also have an option to register a domain name after the signup process. To register a domain name after signup process, follow these steps.

1) First login to your cPanel account using the username and password.

2) On top of the page, you have an option to register a domain name. Just enter the domain name and click on Register button.

HostGator Domain Register Top

3) If the domain name is available then you will be given the message saying that the domain name is available. You also will be given the other options to register a domain with new TLDs. Click on Add To Cart button next to the domain which you want to register. Then click on View Cart button.

HostGator Domain Register Options

4) On this page, domain privacy protection is already selected. If you don't want the domain privacy protection then unselect the checkbox. I strongly suggest that you don't take the domain privacy because it's of no use.  Now the total charges for domain registrations reduces to the $12.95.

HostGator Domain Register WHOIS

5) Now accept the terms of service and click on complete order button. Enter your billing login details and click on Login button. Give the payment details and your domain will be registered.

HostGator Domain Register Order

So now you know how to register a domain in HostGator.

If you want to see the domain registration process in action then watch the following video.

Should You Register a Domain Through HostGator?

I like the HostGator hosting service but I don't suggest HostGator for registering a domain name. The main reason behind it is that, HostGator charges $9.95 for domain privacy protection. There are many other domain name registrars who don't charge any money for domain privacy protection.

Domain privacy protection is of no use in my opinion but there are still many people who love to hide their information in the whois database. They don't have to pay extra money for domain privacy protection because it's freely available with other domain name registrars.

Advantages of registering a domain name through HostGator is that, you don't have to go through the process of changing domain name servers.

Well, if you don't need domain privacy then go ahead and register a domain name through HostGator.

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