How to Enable SSH in HostGator?

SSH stands for Secure SHell. I am a technical person. So I needed to have a SSH access of my server. Using SSH, one can connect to the server very securely. SSH gives you a freedom of doing work directly on the live server. You don't have to go through all the trouble of updating files and uploading it to the server. You can directly changes the files on the server.

SSH is not for Newbie

If you are not from the technical background then you might not want to enable and use SSH. Since SSH gives you an access to the live server, all the changes you make using SSH goes live immediately. If you make a mistake in using SSH then your website might go down or may not work as it is supposed to work.

SSH on HostGator

Now a days, most of the shared hosting providers offer SSH. HostGator also offers SSH access. By default, the SSH access is disabled. If you want to connect to your HostGator account using SSH then you will have to get it enabled first.

Enable SSH

When I wanted to use SSH on my HostGator account, I first tried to find the option of enabling it in the cPanel. I checked all the options given in the cPanel but couldn't find the way to enable SSH. So I contacted the HostGator support team through chat.

In the chat, support representative verified my identity. Afterword I asked him to enable the SSH access. The support person immediately enabled the SSH on my account and explained me how to use it.

HostGator doesn't enable SSH on default (22) port due to security reason. For me, HostGator enabled the SSH access on 2222 port. For you, it might be different but most probably it will be the same port number 2222.

How to Use SSH?

SSH is just command. If you are using a linux system then you very well know how to use it. If you are using windows system then you will have to download the putty. Putty is a SSH client for windows system to access the server using SSH protocol.

I am going to show you how to access the SSH from Windows system. First, open the putty client.

HostGator SSH

As shown in the image, first enter your server name in the hostname field. Alternatively, you can also use your main domain name as a hostname.  Then in the port field enter the number given by support representative. For me, it's 2222. Select the SSH checkbox in the connection type. Click on open button.

Now a black screen is shown and asking for login as. Just write your user name and press enter. Then it will ask for the password. Enter the password for your username and press enter key. When you are logged in a screen like following will appear.

HostGator SSH Putty

Now you are logged in to the server. Now you can run all the different commands using SSH.

HostGator SSH Video

Want to see the SSH in action? Just watch the following video.

So now you know how to enable and use SSH on HostGator. Go and try it out yourself.

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