HostGator Sub Domain Setup

Sub domain is a part of main domain. Sub domain is usually used to separate a section of a website or a sub topic of a web site. For example say, you have a one sub domain named to access your emails. Here is your main domain and is your sub domain. The same way you can have sub domain for your blog, for setting payment gateway, for another topic etc…

Theoretically there is no limit on how many sub domains you can create. HostGator supports unlimited sub domains hosting. You just need to make sure that each and every sub domain has different name. You can not create a sub domain with the already created sub domain names.

Create Sub Domain Video

If you want to see how I create sub domain in HostGator then watch the following video. I have included all necessary steps for creating a sub domain in the video. You can also continue reading if you prefer to read than watching video.

Create Sub Domain Using cPanel

If you want to perform any hosting related operation in HostGator then you have to go to cPanel. Just follow these steps and a new sub domain will be created in your hosting account.

1) First login to HostGator cPanel using your login ID and password.

2) Scroll down and go to Domains section. Here you will see a Subdomains button. Click on Subdomains button.

HostGator Sub Domain

3) Now here you need to enter two entries. First is a sub domain name. Enter the sub domain then select the domain for which you are creating a sub domain. Second is a document root. Here you can enter any document root you like. When you enter the sub domain at the same time cPanel automatically sets document root. I prefer to use sub domain name as document root and keep it directly under the home directory. This way you can easily manage all document roots for your different sub domains.

Sub Domain Document Root

4) When everything is entered correctly, you can see the green right arrow. Now click on Create button. You will see the message like following.

Sub Domain Create

Your sub domain is created now. You can place the html files under the document root of your sub domain and then check whether the sub domain is working or not. You are done. Now go and create your first sub domain.

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