HostGator Tutorials

HostGator is one of the best hosting providers. If you have subscribed for the HostGator then you have taken a right decision.

Online has become very important part of business. HostGator helps you taking your business online. It might happen that you have sign up with HostGator but you might not know how to manage the HostGator account.

Here you will find many tutorials regarding HostGator account. You will learn how to complete necessary tasks in your HostGator account. I have added many tutorials with examples and screenshots. The language used to explain the tutorial is very easy. You will easily understand how to do a particular job in HostGator account.

What You Can Expect in HostGator Tutorials?

You need to understand many terminology and learn many things in order to manage your web hosting account. I have a shared hosting plan with HostGator. So I have added all the tutorials related to shared hosting.

You will get the general information like how to start with your HostGator account, how to add another domain to your account, how to change DNS entries, how to add MX records in DNS zone files, how to set up FTP and SSH accounts, how to install wordpress using quick install, how to edit .htaccess file etc... You will learn mostly tasks which are used in day-to-day basis for managing HostGator account.

Why am I Making HostGator Tutorials?

I have made this web site for the promotion of HostGator. I started with offering coupon codes and review. I believe that one should know every information regarding HostGator. If visitors of this web site only get coupons and review then there is no use of this website.

Just to make this website more use friendly and more informative, I am adding tutorials related to HostGator. I request you to go through all the HostGator tutorials and give me feedback.

HostGator Account - First Impression

When you sign up with account, you will get username and password for your HostGator account. In this article, I have added my first time login experience with HostGator.

Add A New Domain to HostGator Account

In this article, I explain how you can add a new domain in to HostGator. After registering a domain name, you need to add it in to HostGator account to host it.

Manage FTP Accounts in HostGator

Learn how to create, edit and delete FTP accounts in HostGator. Also manage default FTP account.

Enable & Use SSH in HostGator

You will learn how to enable and use SSH in HostGator. SSH is a Secure Shell used to login to the server.

How to Install WordPress on HostGator?

Wordpress is widely used CMS platform on the internet. If you want to make a personal website or business website, you can make it on Wordpress. You can install wordpress in HostGator using Quick Install feature.

How to Change 404 Error Page in HostGator?

When a server can't find the page requested, it gives the error of 404 code. The default 404 error page just display a single line saying 404 error. You can create and set custom 404 page in HostGator. Learn how to set 404 page.

How to Change Htaccess on Hostgator?

.htaccess is a local apache configuration file. You can change the apache configuration parameters from .htaccess file. Learn how to manage .htaccess file in HostGator hosted domain name.

How to Register Domain Name in HostGator?

Before you host a domain name, you need to register a domain name. There are many domain name registrar who offer the service of domain registration. You can also register a domain name from HostGator. I show you exact steps how you can register a new domain in HostGator.

Register Domain Using and Host it at HostGator

HostGator domain registration service is costly. You can use other domain registrar to register a domain name. In this article, I explain how to register a domain using and host the domain at HostGator.

How to Find HostGator NameServers?

NameServers are important part of internet. NameServers convert your domain name URL in to IP address. If you register a domain name from some other domain name registrar then you will have to set the name severs for that domain. Learn where to get the name servers information.

How to Use File Manager to Manage Files & Folders?

File Manager is an online feature of cPanel using which you can create, edit, delete, rename, copy and move files and folders in your hosting account.

How To Make Password Protect Directory in HostGator?

You can secure the content of a directory by making it password protected. In this article, I show you how to make password protected directory.

How to Create and Manage Email Accounts in HostGator?

You can easily create email accounts in HostGator. Learn how to create email account, change password of an email account, change quota of the email account and delete email account.

How to Change DNS Records in HostGator?

Sometimes you need to make entries in DNS record. HostGator allows you to change DNS entries. This is a tutorial for advanced technical level. If you don't understand what you are doing then don't do it.

HostGator Concrete5 – How to Install Concrete5 on HostGator Account?

Concrete5 is CMS platform. You can install concrete5 on HostGator hosted website using quickinstall feature of cPanel.

HostGator LifeType – Install LifeType on HostGator Server

LifeType is a blogging platform. You can install lifetype on your domain and start your personal blog website. I have shown you how to install LifeType on your HostGator hosted domain.

HostGator WebCalendar – How to Install WebCalendar on HostGator?

WebCalendar is schedule management program and it's a open source. You can install it using quickinstall feature from HostGator.

HostGator CraftySyntax - How to Install CraftySyntax on HostGator?

CraftySyntax is a live chat software. It is also an open source program. You can install craftysyntax with just few clicks on HostGator.

HostGator phpFreeChat – How to Install phpFreeChat on HostGator?

Phpfreechat is also a chatting sofware written in PHP. HostGator also offers the quickinstall facility for phpFreeChat.

How to Use Quick Install on HostGator?

QuickInstall is a feature which is offered in cPanel. You can easily install and manage many open source softwares using Quick Install feature. There are many famous platforms like Wordpress, joomla & drupal supported in QuickInstall feature.

HostGator PHP-Nuke – How to Install PHP-Nuke on HostGator?

PHP-Nuke is an open source platform. PHP-Nuke is CMS software. You can install PHP-Nuke on your HostGator hosted website. Learn how to install and manage PHP-Nuke in HostGator.

HostGator phpBB - Install phpBB on HostGator Server

PhpBB is a forum platform. PhpBB stands for PHP Bulletin Board. You can install phpBB using QuickInstall feature of cPanel.

HostGator MyBB - How to Install MyBB on HostGator Account?

MyBB is also one of the forum software. MyBB is free and open source. That's why it is supported in QuickInstall feature. Learn how to install MyBB on HostGator hosted web site.

HostGator Drupal - How to Install Drupal On HostGator Account?

Drupal is widely used CMS platform. You can install drupal on HostGator. Many web sites use drupal for managing content.

HostGator MODX – How to Install MODX on HostGator Server?

MODX is also one of the content management system. MODX comes in two versions. MODX Evolution and MODX Revolution.

How to Install Pligg on HostGator Account?

Pligg is a publishing management system. You can install Pligg using Quick Install on HostGator. In this article, I show you how to install Pligg on HostGator hosted site.

HostGator B2evolution – How to Install B2evolution on HostGator Server?

B2evolution is a content management sytem and it is mostly used for blogging. There are many features which makes the B2evolution number one choice of blogging platform.

HostGator X7 Chat - How to Install X7 Chat on HostGator?

X7 Chat as the name suggests, it's a chatting software. You can install X7 Chat on HostGator hosted web site.

HostGator PHPList - Install PHPList in HostGator Account

PHPList is an open source and free to use program. You can use PHPList to manage your email campaigns.

HostGator PunBB - How to Install PunBB on HostGator Account?

PunBB is PHP-powered discussion board. You can install PunBB using QuickInstall on HostGator. Start your own forum using PunBB.

HostGator e107 – How to Install & Maintain e107 on HostGator account?

e107 is open source and content management sytem. You can use e107 to make a blog, a web site, news web site or a forum site. I will guide you how to install e107 on HostGator.

HostGator glFusion - How to Install & Use glFusion on HostGator?

Glfustion is another CMS program. You can use glFustion for many purposes. You can make a static website, blog or a forum using glFusion.

HostGator Hotaru - How to Install Hotaru on Your HostGator Account?

Hotaru is an open source CMS platform which is written in PHP. You can use hotaru platform to make any web site you like.

HostGator liveSite - How to Install and Manage liveSite on HostGator?

LiveSite is a website building tool. You can install liveSite on HostGator to manage your website. Learn how to install and use liveSite in HostGator.

HostGator Mambo – How to Install Mambo on HostGator Account?

Mambo is an open source content management system. It is easy to use but powerful in feauters. You can install mambo on HostGator using QuickInstall.

HostGator Nucleus - How to Install Nucleus On HostGator Account?

Nucleus is a CMS software. It offers many benefits ove other CMS softwares. You can install Nucleus on your HostGator hosted website with just few clicks.

HostGator ocPortal - How to Install ocPortal on HostGator?

OcPortal is a CMS platform used in many corporate web sites. You will learn how to install ocPortal in HostGator.

HostGator Open Atrium - Install Open Atrium on HostGator Account

Open Atrium is an open source content management system. You can install open atrium using QuickInstall feature offered by HostGator.

HostGator phpwcms - Install phpwcms on HostGator Server

Phpwcms is a new generation content management system. You can easily make your website using phpwcms. Install it using QuickInstall feature.

How to Install Saurus CMS on HostGator?

Saurus Content Management System is an open source platform. You can run it on any Linux serer which support php. In this article, I guide you on how to install Saurus CMS.

HostGator Textpattern - Install Textpattern on HostGator

Textpattern is a content management system which you can use to make your personal website, your business website or any other type of site.

HostGator Tiki Wiki - How to Install Tiki on HostGator

Tiki is a type of Wiki. You can manage your content using Tiki wiki. Learn how to install Tiki Wiki on HostGator hosted website.

Install Trendy Site Builder on HostGator

Trendy Site Builder is a web site building tool. You can create a website using Trendy Site Builder. In this article, I show you how to install Trendy Site Builder on HostGator.

Install Typo3 On HostGator

Typo3 is an open source content management system made for enterprises. Typo3 supports extensions and templates which make it easy to use on any website.

HostGator Xoops - Install Xoops on HostGator Server

Xoops is a database driven content management system which is very easy to use. You can install Xoops on HostGator using QuickInstall.

HostGator Zikula - Install Zikula on HostGator

Zikula is an open source CMS platform. If you want to make ecommerce website or community portal then Zikula is a solution.

How to Access Webmail in HostGator?

You can access your emails using Webmail. In this article, I show you how to access webmail using any web browser.

How to Change cPanel password in HostGator?

It is good habit to change cPanel password at every one month. Learn how to change cPanel password in HostGator.

How to Create Sub Domain in HostGator?

You can host unlimited sub domains in HostGator. In this article, we will learn how to create and host a sub domain in HostGator.

HostGator Backup – Create & Restore HostGator Backup

You can create a backup of your website using HostGator Backup feature. You can also restore the data using this feature.

How to Check Disk Space Usage in HostGator?

Check the disk usage in HostGator. HostGator offers unlimited disk space but still if you want to know how much disk space you have used then you can find it.

Update Contact Information in HostGator

You can update your contact information in HostGator. You can also change the billing details and primary email address associated with your account.

How to Change SPF Record in HostGator?

SPF record is used to control the spam messages. When you create SPF record, you tell the world that there are certain computers which are authorized to send email for your domain.

HostGator DewNewPHPLinks - Install DewNewPHPLinks on HostGator

DewNewPHPLinks is a newer version of PHPLinks directory software. It is open source and free to use. QuickInstall also support the installation of DewNewPHPLinks.

HostGator Magento - Install Magento on HostGator

Magento is a widely used eCommerce software. You can easily make your own eCommerce website using magento.

HostGator phpCOIN - Install phpCOIN on HostGator

PhpCOIN is a type of ecommerce system. Here you can manage your client, invoice and order management using only one interface. You can install phpCOIN on HostGator using QuickInstall feature.

HostGator PrestaShop - Install PrestaShop on HostGator

PrestaShop is also a widely use ecommerce application. You can easily manage customers using PrestaShop software. Install PrestaShop on HostGator hosted website.

HostGator SSL - Create a Secure Site Using SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are used to make a website secure. Google has started counting the secure web site as one of the ranking factor in the algorithm. You can make a secure website on HostGator by following this guide.

HostGator MySQL - Create And Manage MySQL Databases

MySQL is open source and free database. You can make dynamic websites by using MySQL as database. In this article, I show you how to create MySQL username, MySQL database and use it.