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Typo3 is an online resource that offers quality web content management products. Most of the company's products are known to be very scalable and flexible. They can also be customized as often as possible. They offer quality services for intranets, websites, and mobile platforms across the globe.


Typo3 Users

Typo3 products are carefully built and managed by a community of users spread across the globe. The community welcomes new users on regular basis. You don't need to be a computer geek to join. All you need is to be an active member. There are diverse kinds of activities that can be carried out by users who get involved with the Typo3 products.

Typo3 Products

Typo3 offers unique web products across the internet. Here are some of them:

Typo3 offers two unique CMS that have widely used across the net. Many people have continued to benefit from such products.

The Typo3 group offers unique PHP related products. Among them include PHP Template Engine, PHP deployment tool, and PHP Framework.

This is a powerful open source CMS offered by Typo3.  It comes with easy-to-use interface. It also helps you to edit content with ease.

This is a web app offered by Typo3. It's meant for creating unique web solutions with ease. It also offers fast results when properly engaged.

Aside from the above; Typo3 still offers other additional products that are widely used across the globe. Among them is the multi-purpose “Surf” which showcases as a deployment tool. It's based on the Typo3 Flow platform.

Typo3 Association

Typo3 maintains a vibrant community also referred to as “Typo3 Association”. This is the group of experts who manage the Typo3 products. They are known to be very active across the globe. The association also exists as non-profit organization established to offer long-term product development on regular basis.  The members have continued to pilot the affairs of the Typo3 enterprise. They are poised to produce more products in the near future.

The Pros

In all, the future still holds a lot for Typo3. The company is not relenting yet. The communities of experts that make up Typo3 are warming up to surprise the world with unique products. You've got everything to gain when you start using most of the Typo3 products outlined above. You can get further information about them when you visit the Typo3 official website.

Install Typo3 on HostGator

After checking the features of Typo3, you might want to try it for your website. You can easily install Typo3 on HostGator. HostGator offers installation of Typo3 through QuickInstall. You just need to follow these steps in order to install Typo3 on your HostGator account.

1) First go to cPanel. Login with your username and password.

2) Then go to QuickInstall section. You will find the QuickInstall button under Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

3) Now click on Typo3 link from the left navigation panel. You will see Typo3 under CMS link section.

HostGator Typo3

4) Click on Install Typo3 button.

HostGator Typo3 Continue

5) Next you need to enter the URL address where you want to install Typo3. You also need to give admin email address, admin username and site title.

HostGator Typo3 Install

6) You will see the installation process.

HostGator Typo3 Process

7) When the installation is finished, you will see the username and the password. You will need this detail to login to the Typo3 website.

HostGator Typo3 Login

Now the installation process is finished and you can enjoy your time with your Typo3 website.

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