HostGator WebCalendar

WebCalendar is a unique calendar application that is fully based on PHP. It can be used as a single online calendar when configured. It can also be configured for web visitors and groups when necessary. It can equally be configured as an event calendar which can be embedded on a given website.

Web Calendar

Basic Features

The Pros

Indeed, you can have the best of time using WebCalendar on your website. You can be sure of not missing any important event so long as you keep using the app on daily basis.

Install WebCalendar on HostGator

If you want to install WebCalendar on your HostGator account then you can easily do that by using Quick Install function of your hostgator panel. Just follow the following simple steps and you can easily install WebCalendar on your server account.

1) First login to your cPanel account. Then click on Quick Install button which is under Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

2) Now click on WebCalendar link from the left navigation bar. You will find WebCalendar link under Calendar section.

HostGator WebCalendar

3) Click on Install WebCalendar button.

4) You will be asked the URL address where you want to install the WebCalendar. Enter the URL address. You will also need to enter the admin email address. Once all details are installed, just click on Install WebCalendar button.

HostGator WebCalendar Install

5) You will see the installation process going on.

HostGator WebCalendar Process

6) Once the installation process is completed, you will see the username and password. Please write down the username and password. You will need this information to login to your WebCalendar.

HostGator WebCalendar Password

Now the WebCalendar is installed on your account. Enjoy your schedule management system.

Uninstall WebCalendar On HostGator

If you want to uninstall WebCalendar from your account then you can easily do that also using quick install facility. Just follow these simple steps to uninstall WebCalendar from hostgator account.

1) Go to Quick Install section.

2) Click on manage installations button on top of it.

3) You will be given a list of installed applications.

4) Just click on Uninstall link beside the application which you want to uninstall. In our case the application is WebCalendar.

5) Now you will see Uninstall and cancel buttons.  Click on Uninstall Script button and WebCalendar will be uninstalled.

HostGator WebCalendar Uninstall

Now you know how to install WebCalendar on your hostgator account. Try it out yourself.

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