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Webmail is software using which you can access your emails. There are many softwares available using which you can access your emails. These softwares are called mail clients. You need to install and configure POP or IMAP setting in mail client software in order to manage your email account.

Web mail is an online way of managing your email account. Where there is an internet connection, you can access your email. Web mail software is accessible through web browser that's why it is called web mail.

In order to manage your email account, you first need to have an email account. If you don't have or create an email account at HostGator then first read my article on creating email account. I assume that you now have a working email account.

HostGator offers two different ways to access web mail. You can access web mail either from the cPanel or from your main domain URL which you used at the time of sign up with HostGator.

Access WebMail - Video Tutorial

Here is a short video which explains how you can access web mail. Please watch the video if you prefer watching over reading. You can also continue reading the article.

Webmail Using cPanel

Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to access your email account through cPanel.

1) First login to cPanel using your user id and password.

2) Then scroll down and go to Mail section. Here click on Email Accounts button.

HostGator Webmail Email

3) Here you will see a list of all created email accounts. You need to click on Access Webmail link next to the email account which you want to access. If Access Webmail link is not available then click on More link then you will get the Access Webmail link.

Webmail Access

4) On this page, click on “Go to Secure Webmail Login” link.

Webmail Secure Login

5) HostGator currently offers three different softwares as webmail. One is horde, second is roundcube and third is SquirrelMail. You can click on any software link you prefer.  If you don't know which one is good for you then just try all of them. After that you can decide which one to use in the future.

Webmail Options

Now enjoy your webmail service.

Webmail Through Domain URL

If you don't want to go through cPanel then you can also access the webmail software using the domain name URL.  You just need to append the webmail at the end of the domain. For example, you just want to access webmail from then I will visit .

You will be asked email ID and password. Enter the email ID and password to login. Then you will see three webmail options, horde, roundcube and SquirrelMail. You know what to do from that point.


My favorite software is roundcube because of it's easy to use interface. I personally don't like horde or SquirrelMail. You may like it. Just try them out.

Here is how the roundcube interface looks like.


The interface is pretty much self-explanatory. You can see your inbox mails from here. You can also compose email, delete email, reply email and forward email from here. Click on any message to select it. You can also select multiple messages by pressing ctrl key.

The first thing after the login to the roundcube, you want to do is change your personal name. For that first, click on setting button. After that under setting, click on identities button. Select the identity name.  Change the display name which you want to set.

Profile in RoundCube

You can also manage address book from here. Adding address to your address book is very simple. Just go to address book then click on + symbol under the Groups address. After adding address, press enter button. Your new address will be added now.

So now you know how to check your emails using webmail. Go and check it out.

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