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Zikula is unique open source software that is based on the PHP Application Framework. It's mainly designed for enhancing business websites. Small business sites benefits from it a lot. Large corporation websites and personal websites also gain a lot from it.


Zikula Latest version

Zikula's latest version is referred to as “Zikula 1.4.0”. It is based on the Symfony platform. It also has its foundation on PHP framework. This makes it run faster and better when used on websites.

The Zikula 1.4.0 works with Twitter's Bootstrap 3. This makes it suitable for social network platforms. The version uses jQuery for enhancing websites when used.

Basic Features

The Pros

Zikula's Future

The future of Zikula is very bright. The developers have continued to come up with new updates and fixes. The open source software actually follows an active development cycle which ensures the regular publishing of new releases.

In the recent times, several 3rd party developers have continued to contribute their quota towards the development of Zikula. They have come up with extensions meant for the Zikula app Framework.  Such extensions are often used by bloggers, and web developers.  They can be used for storing data and images. They can also be used for displaying forums, shopping carts and other related applications.

Indeed, there's a lot packaged in Zikula. You can use it to achieve a lot on your website. You can take your business website to greater heights when you keep using the open source software.

Install Zikula on HostGator

HostGator offers quick installation of many open source softwares. You can quickly install Zikula on HostGator using QuickInstall. Just perform following steps to install Zikula on HostGator.

1) Login to the cPanel using your username and password.

2) Now go to the QuickInstall feature. You can find the QuickInstall button under Software/Services section.

HostGator Quick Install Button

3) Click on Zikula link which is the last link under CMS link section in the left side navigation panel.

HostGator Zikula

4) Click on Install Zikula button.

HostGator Zikula Continue

5) Next you need to enter the path where you want to install the Zikula. You also need to give admin username, admin email address and the site name. After entering the details, click on Install Zikula button.

HostGator Zikula Install

6) You will see the process of installation.

HostGator Zikula Process

7) When the installation is finished, you will be given the username and the password. You can use this detail to login to the Zikula website.

HostGator Zikula Login

So now you know the features of Zikula and how to install Zikula on HostGator. Try it yourself.

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