Register Domain Using and Host it at HostGator

If you have read my other articles carefully, you might already know that I don't suggest HostGator for domain name registration. I don't use HostGator to register a domain name because of the cost attached with it.

You need to understand one thing that domain name registration and domain name hosting both are two different things. To register a domain name means you just own a domain name. You can't use that domain name and make a website until you have a hosting attached with a registered domain name.

Domain hosting means getting a space and address where your website files are hosted. Once you register a domain name, you need to point that domain to your hosting provider. Once the link is established between domain and hosting, you site will work properly.

Register a Domain Using

I use registrar for all my domains registrations. charges $10.99 for .com domain registration and renewals. also charges $3.99 for whois privacy but when you use the coupon code PRIVACYPLEASE at the time of checkout, you get free whois privacy. So you get a domain registration and a privacy protection at $10.99.

To register a domain name using, you first need to sign up for account. First create an account at then login to using your username and password.

Now go to home page and search for the domain name which you want to register. If the domain name is available, you will see the message that domain is available. Then click on Add to Cart button and click on Checkout button to proceed to the payment option.

Please keep in mind that the whois privacy option is selected for 1 year. Click on “Promo Code?” link. Enter the promo code “PRIVACYPLEASE”. Now your total cart cost will reduce from $14.98 to $10.99 giving you free privacy protection. Cart

Then click on the Next Step button. Here give the payment details using credit card or paypal. Payment

Once the payment is successful, your domain name is registered.

Change the Name Servers

When the domain is registered at, will set their name servers for that domain. If you ever want to use the other hosting provider than the domain name registrar, then you will have to change the domain name servers.

We want to use the HostGator for hosting purpose. So we need to set HostGator name server entries for the domain registered through You will get the HostGator name servers details from your HostGator account.

To set name servers, follow these steps.

1) Login to account.

2) Then click on domains link. Click on My Domains button.

3) Now click on the domain name for which you want to set the name servers.

4) Now Click on Edit Nameservers link.

5) Now remove the default name servers. Add your HostGator name servers. My HostGator name server entries look like following. NameServers

6) Now click on Apply Changes button to save the changes in name servers.

That's it. Your name servers are now set for HostGator. You can see how to change name servers in the following video.

Next step is to host the domain at HostGator.

Host at HostGator

Once domain name is registered and name servers entries are changed, you just need to add that domain to your HostGator account.

Read the article on how to add new domain to HostGator account.

Once you have added the domain to your HostGator account, you are done. Now you have domain registered with and hosted at HostGator.

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